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Haxan avatar 12:59 PM on 01.06.2009  (server time)
Why Destructoid is Awesome: Nilcam is the Greatest Edition

Some of you may know that I've been running this little contest that is ending this weekend. It's been a blast for me, and I know the competitors have been enjoying themselves, and it's been awesome all around.

Nilcam totally took it to the next level. I just got a knock on the door from UPS. They had a package for me. It was from Nil. All I can say is that upon reading the note, I got misty. It went something like this:

Since you've done so much for the Dtoid community and me personally, I wanted to send you a token of my thanks.

Underneath the note were the following two amazing items that have had me all smiles for the past hour:
A copy of the Street Fighter Alpha: Generations DVD, and

Udon's Street Fighter Tribute art book!

WOW! This is seriously better than the prizes I'm giving away in the contest!

In addition to giving as many thanks as I can muster, I'd also like to say a few things. Nilcam was there on the first day of the contest. And on each day he's been there right on time, first thing when I signed on at 8 (or 8ish, because I'm not the most timely person in the world). Just about every single night on the PS3 nights, he was the first to challenge me. And knowing that he was so dedicated made it important for me to be there, by hook or by crook. The fact that it was important enough for him to be there every night meant that it was important enough for me to be there. He became the icon of the entire contest in my head. And that alone has meant a lot to me and made the whole thing worth doing.

These gifts are awesome. You totally didn't have to, but damn, do I ever appreciate it! Thanks, Nilcam!

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