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Haxan avatar 8:19 PM on 10.16.2009  (server time)
Where the wild things are... (photo shoot intro) [nvgr]

Many of you know that for nearly two months, I've been writing daily over at Destructoid's sister-site where I work with a crew of amazingly talented folks bringing news and stories about the toys and figures industry. The first thing that I decided that I wanted to do was a photo feature on my Where the Wild Things Are figures that would coincide with the film's release. With the valuable photographic assistance of Thomas Ruffo, one of my best friends, we've been working on this goal in the time since.

Short story long, today's the day and a few hours ago the story went live. I've done a lot of things that I'm incredibly proud of and this piece stands with every last one of them. I've wanted to share it with everyone that I care about and that includes the whole of the community. The photos in this blog are some unused shots from the post. If you like these, you're going to love how the final shots came out.

So enough with my ramblings, here's the link: I hope that you'll enjoy it.

"Tom, give me a cigarette. If I fall and break my neck, I'll have wished that I'd had one. And at least I'll die in my dtoid shirt!"

Special thanks to Y0j1mb0 for some great ideas in terms of presentation, and to Colette for the perfect music to inspire the writing. You guys are incredible!

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