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Haxan avatar 9:37 AM on 10.22.2009  (server time)
Where the Wild Things Are photo shoot got Dugg (also, new photos) [nvgr]

Hey, everybody. I'm really sorry about the double-pimping here. Sometime around the weekend, the Where the Wild Things Are photo shoot over at Tomopop made it onto Digg: It would be a huge help if you could digg it up to give the site a bit more exposure. It hasn't gone popular yet, but with your help I don't think it's far off. Thanks for your help. I hope you enjoy some of these unused shots.

The header pic above is another shot from the campfire scene that turned out great. I love how Aaron's head in the foreground forms that amazing silhouette against the fire and other figures.

I used a similar shot in the final piece that worked much better narratively, but I love this shot more. I love the level of detail Moishe and how the other figures are peeking out around him. Max seems to be jumping out of his head.

This was another (drastically different) angle from a photo used in the final post. I think it turned out completely adorable.

This was one of my favorite photos in the whole shoot. I didn't use it because I wanted the fire-scene to be about the group playing together. I'm so in love with the deep shadows taking over so much of his face as well as how much the line detail pops.

Truth be told that Tom (Ruffo, one of my best friends and photographer) didn't think any of the fire pics were going to turn out all that well. I had the poor guy lying down on the ground on a very cold Michigan night shooting for over an hour on that sequence just reassuring him that it was going to work.

I've got a c-blog over at Tomopop that also pimps the entry on Digg. It contains even more photos, so give it a look if you'd like to see more shots. Thanks again for your help!

Special thanks to Y0j1mb0 for showcasing the site in this weekend's c-blog recaps. You're a class act in everyway (except maybe when you deal out a late, post-victory hit in Street Fighter IV)!

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