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Haxan avatar 3:19 PM on 03.26.2009  (server time)
Okay, Nintendo. I guess that we can be friends again.

A year and a half ago I was very, very pleased with my Nintendo Wii. It was definitely my console of choice at that point in time. I've always been a retro gamer at heart (except when it was called modern gaming, but that was 20+ years ago), and the Wii never bored me. I always had something to play. I don't mean from the Wii's underwhelming library of games. For those who don't feel like the Wii has many good games going for it now, look back 18 months ago.

It was the Virtual Console that kept me coming back to the Wii in it's one year life-span, while I let my roommate's 360 collect the dust. That was at the peak of my Wii-love. It was then that I had ordered adapters to use my original controllers from all of Nintendo's systems. Now I could play the games I loved exactly how I remembered them. I was in heaven.

For about a month.

I bought so many new games on the Virtual Console in those weeks that I ran out of room on Wii's system memory. I tried to make things work for a while after that. I really did. I deleted a few games that I wouldn't play all that much whenever a "Best Week Ever" hit. Then came Wii Ware and Lost Winds. I had to delete a bunch of games for that. Like Sophie, I agonized as I had to decide which of my 8 through 64-bit children had to die (NOOOOOOOooooooo! Not ExciteBike!).

Finally I'd had enough. To buy a NES game would be a 20 minute process of debate, then backup, then delete, then download. "Fuck you, Nintendo," I yelled. If they didn't want to take my money (pure profit) for games that had already been developed up to two decades ago, then the hell with them.

Soon after, I set out to regain the lost video game library that was handed down to my little brothers and ultimately given away for good. Weeks of scouring eBay paid off when I came across an NES that had never been taken out of its box. I traded a $50 bottle of Japanese whiskey with one of my best friends, and netted a near-mint, barely used Sega Genesis in return. They joined my SNES and other consoles that were mine outright and never given away. Now I could play Metroid and Granada (it's awesome. Look it up), without any kind of extended hassle.

Who needs Nintendo anyway? They didn't want me or my money. And as time went on they even went about insulting me directly. My next step was to buy a PS3. I then got re-addicted to real modern gaming. One price drop later and I could finally play Lost Odyssey on my new Red-Ring in training. Finally the Wii was picking up the hobby of dust collecting ("This particle here goes back to the Revolutionary War!").

Well, Nintendo seems to have finally learned their lesson. This week they released firmware version 4.0. I can now pull games directly from my SD card. It's not the harddrive that we were waiting for. In actuality, it was a week's worth of program development, tops, that took them years. But I'm a man of my word. You gave me a storage solution. So, I'm giving you money. I downloaded nearly $50 worth of games from the Virtual Console this morning. I played them and my other games for hours. I now look at my Wii in a positive light.

Wait a second. Don't be so quick there, Nintendo. All is not forgiven. When a long-term friendship falls apart in such a way, it can take a long time to rebuild. But this is a good start. You know what, though? The trailer for Punch-Out looks exactly how I always wished a modern sequel to one of my top five games would look and play. A sequel to The Phantom Hourglass, one of my favorite games in my all-time favorite franchise, looks really promising. That's all going to go a long way.

Okay, Nintendo. I guess that we can be friends again.

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