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Haxan avatar 6:45 PM on 09.14.2009  (server time)
Got an amazing new part time job [nvgr]

It feels like ages since I've drawn/written a blog for Destructoid. For the last month I've been working lots and lots and lots of overtime. So, things have been busy with that. Which I'm hoping will finally end with this week. Then I'll be able to see a bit more free time, be able to play more video games, and hopefully read and write more about them as well.

In addition to all of that, the big news is that for the last two weeks, I've been writing over at Tomopop! I've been hired on to join the great team of toy-loving editors at the greatest site for toy enthusiasts on the planet. In my short time there, I have learned a lot, and have added a tiny bit of my own self-deprecating flavor to the mix. If you've never been over to Destructoid's sister-site, I invite you to give it a look. If you're one of the three people that enjoy my writing (my mom's one, and I'm sure that there's got to be at least two others), then rest assured that I manage to put some good old Haxan-style into nearly everything that I write there. The only difference is that at Tomopop, I'm going by my real name: Jason Millward.

Writing for Modern Method is kind of a dream come true, and this has been an exciting couple of weeks for me. This does not mean that I'll be disappearing from dtoid (sorry to disappoint). I fully intend to be as much a part of this site as I always have. Dtoid is my home. I love this place and all of you guys. I love flexing my weak-as-hell artistic skills here. Haxan is dtoid for life. I'm also writing a ton over there, now. That's all that's changed.

If you're interested, I wrote my first c-blog to serve as kind of an introduction there. I also wrote a feature interview with Canadian artist ImaginaryThomas that I'm pretty proud of. Until next time. Which should be soon, because I've been meaning to finish up that unpublished art series.

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