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8:16 PM on 02.20.2013

HawkeyedOne  says:

Hawkeye's Year of Nintendo- Introductory Blog Post

I have a confession Destructoid. I've never finished a console game developed by Nintendo. I can cite many reasons for this: my first gaming experience was on PC and my first console was a Playstation, I didn't own a Nintendo console until the Gamecube, I just didn't grow up with it like a lot of people did. That being said, I feel obligated to at least make an effort to reach into gaming's past, to explore my “heritage” as it were. So, that's why I'm embarking on a quest of sorts. I call it 'Hawkeye's Year of Nintendo'. Every week for the next year, from this moment until February 20th 2014, I will attempt to play a Nintendo game to completion.

I will start with what will probably be considered a bit cliché: Super Mario Bros. for the NES. After SMB I'm going to do Legend of Zelda, then Metroid, Then Kirby's Dreamland. I'm willing to take suggestions after I finish KDL, but for now the prospective timeline is:

February 20th-February 27th: Super Mario Bros- NES
February 28th – March 7th : The Legend of Zelda- NES
March 8th – March 15th : Metroid- NES
March 16th – March 23rd : Kirby's Dreamland- Game Boy

I will be updating this blog once a week with my progress: how long I played the game, whether or not I beat it, and how long it to me to complete it. I will also be giving short reviews and overviews of my experience. My hope is that a pair of fresh eyes taking on classic gaming icons can give us all a new perspective on the games that shaped our medium and our culture. I'd also like to have fun. Also cocks.



Those who have come:

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