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Hawk avatar 6:00 PM on 02.28.2013  (server time)
Hawk's Community Question 02 - How Did You Join the Destructoid Community?

This week’s question asks, “How did you join the Destructoid community?” I came up with this question primarily after seeing the thread on the forums, but I decided to ask it here as well due to some people not wanting to touch the forums as much as the cblogs. I shared some of my story in my intro, but I’d like to keep another central location for myself to read the stories of other people.

I had first heard of Destructoid back in early 2007. I was talking with one of my friends about a game, and he brought up Destructoid. I don’t really remember the conversation, but I just forgot about the site completely until I had read part of Anthony Burch’s review on Metacritic. This is what got me interested in the site to read most articles, but I ignored the community and the features created to bring the community closer. I continued to read only articles while I was around Destructoid until around late 2010, when I had heard of Destructoid’s livestream on JTV. I began watching Destructoid’s livestream once in awhile, or at least listen to it while reading articles on the site. I did so for a large period of time, watching regularly for a month or so, then stop for a few weeks, only to go back up to watching regularly again. This was until my father had introduced me to Podtoid, when Jim started hosting it in May of 2011. This, at the time, made me feel as if I were truly a part of the Destructoid community, but I obviously was not. I had continued to ignore the forums completely until May of last year, when I had finally created an account on the forums and began to read threads around there. I posted one or two times, not really having much that I thought would add to other threads, so I primarily just read threads. I finally posted an introduction thread in January, which I hastily took all but a few minutes into thinking and writing, finally posting an introduction into the cblogs a few weeks after. About a day or so after posting my cblog intro, I decided that I wanted to try to get to know the community better with some questions. And here I am now, summarizing around five years in a fairly long paragraph.

So, what are your stories about finding and joining the Destructoid community?

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