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Hawk avatar 6:15 PM on 02.14.2013  (server time)
Hawk's Community Question 01 - How Have Video Games Affected Your Life?

Alright, this first paragraph or so will be an introduction to this cblog post. This is an idea that I came up with after wanting to get to know the community better, as well as after seeing PhilKenSebben's Community Chat posts. I plan on sharing my story or stories on the topic and placing some of my favorite/most serious stories from the comments into the post (the topics won稚 necessarily have to do with videogames). I知 hoping to post biweekly, as the topic usually takes some time for me to come up with. Somewhere around half of the topics will probably end up being holiday related. Anyways, let痴 dive right into the question.

This week痴 question is asking if videogames have affected your life in any bad or good way, and if they have, what is the story behind it? I came up with this question while writing my introduction into the cblogs due to how much they have actually shaped me into the person that I am today. I actually have quite a few myself, but I知 only going to share a few of the larger ways that videogames have affected my life.

I値l start with a few of the positive ways, as they obviously have affected me. I touched a little on this one in my intro post, but I値l expand on this one a bit more here, videogames have helped me with my 田ore education (Mathematics, Science, English, etc.). More specifically, videogames had started my interests in history and writing, but they had also introduced me to and helped me get a decent head start in math. I started playing games with Shenmue, which had only really sparked my interest in writing and storytelling, but it has left a lasting impression on me, as I am loving writing this right now. My interest in writing had caused me to push myself into writing on ideas that I think of by myself, or at least not attempting to take an idea that I had gotten completely from someone else. I had not become too interested into history until I had played Knights of the Old Republic (I had already watched the original trilogy before playing the game). The whole premise of the game taking place around 4000 years before the movies fascinated me. I became most interested in history while not too far in the game. I was on the planet Dantooine for the first time, exploring some ruins when I heard the character of Bastila say something along the lines of 典hese ruins were created at least 25,000 years before the Republic was even created. This got my child mind excited with trying to think of what had started before the United States, as well as if anything had come before humans (this also sparked a small interest in science). Knights of the Old Republic had been the first to help me with math as well, as I had to teach myself how to understand the item system. So, videogames really have shaped my interests into what they are today, or at least given me the building blocks of interests.

That痴 enough about myself for now. How have you, the people of the Destructoid community, been affected by videogames?

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