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Harris Hatsworth avatar 3:40 AM on 06.29.2011  (server time)
The Fireworks Festival!

It has been months since I last did a blog. I was planning on doing them weekly or something but then didn't. I suddenly have the urge to talk about it again and realized that I stopped at a whopping two blogs (that explained very little about actually being in Japan) before I trailed off. So now that my memories are exceptionally shitty and I'm drunk I've decided to write these once again.

So where I left off on my last one I had explained my school and the process of actually applying for school in Japan. To summarize that: it's confusing, full of paperwork, and university in Japan is hilarious because Japan has reversed high school and university; people work all high school and then get into university to fuck around as 20-somethings so there's less idiocy.

This blog basically pick up from where I left off last since arriving in Japan was not particularly interesting. There was a heat wave, I hung out with other new people I didn't sync up with seriously, looked at prospective clubs, etc. The first major event was the fireworks festival in Omagari. To spoil the conclusion: it was fucking AMAZING! It was Chad Concelmo AMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZING!

There is some stuff to include about moving into res and meeting my roommate and whatever but it's not amazingly interesting. The size of my room basically outlines the interesting parts.

This is my basic set-up. Imagine a standard bathroom sized area to the left and that's about how big my actual room was.

So on to the fireworks festival. My first off-hand memory of the festival was at the train station where my friend Jae saw literally a plastic bag and one empty can thrown over the rails at the station. The Japanese girl leading the tour (Mieko, and she was awesome) said: "I'm sorry this place is so dirty. It's shameful." Japan is that clean.

Mieko. She was awesome.

See all the garbage and terribleness/

This was the bus out to the station. About the same amount of people were left behind to be picked up later.

The fireworks festival was a very big deal. I can't remember the exact anniversary it was but we lucked out and it was the 100th or 200th anniversary or some such important date so the effort put in was immense. We arrived in Omagari in the afternoon (about 3-4) so we spent a lot of time just visiting shops and goggling at Japanese stuff. A little tip, kakigori (かき氷) is awesome. It's just a snowcone but you cannot get slushies anywhere else and it's awesome.

The most major event during daylight was this:

Keep in mind that this is bumblefuck Japan. And in every other direction was people just as thick. The hills were full of tents and picknick blankets with multiple Japanese people on/in them. Everybody and their family was out to see this fireworks festival.

So I could go on and on leading up to this but it's not particularly interesting so I'll post about 10 pictures in a row.

I just wanted to post a picture of a hilarious Japanese truck. They're so tiny.

This was the prelude before the fireworks started. It was actually a competition as well as a showcase so someone kind of shot prematurely here :(

This is literally just the first picture I have in my abum.

It would be even more awesome if I knew what to expect at the time and had even a half-decent camera to use. Those were just the pictures that were decent enough to show without being laughed at.

And that's pretty much another Japan experience. Eventually it devolved into drunken debauchery but this is what I did before then. Let me know what you think in the comments and faps.

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