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HarassmentPanda avatar 3:41 PM on 02.29.2008  (server time)
My Gear, Let Me Show You It Too

There have been a lot of cblogs lately where people have been showing off some of their gamer gear. So, I figured I would join in. Mind you, the pictures below represent only what I brought with me to law school or have purchased since being in law school--this is probably only 50% of my collection. In addition to the things shown, I also have a PSP, 2 DSs, all of the Rock Band & Guitar Hero gear, and another box of DS games somewhere in my apartment.

Also, if you want to see an article with some real substance that I actually took time to write, check out my Monthly Musing that I posted this morning.

First, the bedroom set up:

The bedroom set up is mostly just a big HDTV, an Xbox 360, an HD-DVD drive, a Wii, games, booze, and a router.

Second, the living room:

The living room is movie city. There's another decent sized HDTV and around 300 DVDs (counting boxed sets as one). There's also a decent selection of HD-DVDs, a second Xbox 360, one of my two Dreamcasts, a PS2, a Gamecube, a Super Nintendo, and a modified Xbox (Xecuter chip, 120 gig HD). The big paisley box on top of the bookcase is actually a home theatre PC that's used to stream movies and such from my network. I also have a keyboard and mouse stuffed under the coffee table for web browsing.

These two pics are two sides of a box of games. Some classic last gen games are in there as well as some awesome Hori Gamecube/Wii retro pads, an SNES Game Genie with all of the codebook updates ever released for it, and part of my Super Nintendo game collection. The SNES games in that box include some of my favorite RPGs such as Chrono Trigger, Earthbound, Shadowrun, FFII, FFIII, Secret of Mana, Secret of Evermore, etc. I still have all of the boxes and instructions in Florida--they didn't make the trip up to DC.

This is my official Dreamcast keyboard that is used for some Typing of the Dead action. (Blindside is now jealous.)

This is a random box of games. It is mostly PS1 RPGs (I have over 150 PS1 games in Florida), Dreamcast games, and some Dreamcast imports.

This is a box of assorted controllers. I've really purged myself of Xbox controllers, but I still have too many. In college I had 4 Xboxes and sixteen controllers--so, I've been doing a good job overall.

Here we have a small box of DS and GBA stuff. I've got another box full of it somewhere. No rhyme or reason as to which stuff made which box. I do like the Phoenix Wright wrist strap though. My Castlevania pre-order bonuses are in the other box somewhere.

And here, finally, is my pride and joy. My imported Mother 3 Deluxe box. My ultimate goal is to get Shigesato Itoi's autograph on that one day.

So, there you have it. A nice chunk of my collection. Next time I go back down to Florida I may try to catalog the rest of my goods.

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