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HarassmentPanda avatar 11:43 AM on 02.25.2008  (server time)
Cowzilla's Birthday: The Other Party on Saturday Night

This past weekend was Cowzilla's 25th birthday and, like Dtoiders across the nation, we had a little get together on Saturday night to celebrate. (That is what you guys in San Francisco were secretly celebrating, right?) Overall, I had a really good time and a really painful day after. I have a few pictures that seem to sum the night up rather well and I'm sure you'll be seeing plenty more on other cblogs this afternoon.

First, let me introduce your cast of characters:

In this lovey photo you can see Cowzilla, myself, and our respective long-term lady friends. I don't have any idea what we are doing in this picture, but it's the only one that didn't involve crotch-grabbing, exposed underwear, or generally unacceptable faces. So, love it or move on.

Here we have a picture of Cowzilla, myself, and Some Dude. I believe you'll see Some Dude pop up a lot in these shots, that is why he is included here.

BlindsideDork was also in attendance, but for some reason I don't have a single picture of him. My guess is that I lack any pictures of Blindside because he spent most of the night behind the camera taking photos and videos that will ruin my chances of ever running for public office.

With the introductory formalities out of the way, let's move on to the evening itself. The night started out rather normal: beer, liquor, conversation, and Ghost Squad on "Paradise Mode." That was the first time I've ever played a lightgun game where you shoot bikini-clad women and gay cowboys with dolphin-shaped waterguns... I thought of Chad the entire time.

This brief period of normalcy carried on for an hour or so and we managed to get a few acceptable photos taken:

One of my favorite parts of the early evening was listening to our girlfriends have to explain to people that they were friends because "their boyfriends met each other on a video game blog." You really have to care about someone to admit that.

I believe the "sober period" officially ended when I broke out the teacup, saucer, and pinky finger. Beer does not taste good in a teacup. Rum and Coke, however, is marvelous.

After a bit longer, the food sitting around Cowzilla's place became a great source of entertainment. Blindside could be found eating Swedish fish covered in melted cheddar cheese (which he swore was way better than eating it cold) and the rest of us could be found simply exposing our food in pictures.

After we lost interest in food, things took a sharp turn for the worse. There was pterodactyl porn (PROTIP: pornotube is your friend), which we discovered doesn't play well on the Wii or Ms. Cowzilla's work computer (for decidedly different reasons) but plays marvelously on Cowzilla's laptop; there was a "low off" that involved me challenging Ms. Cowzilla to see who could "get the lowest" to club-hit "Low" by Flo Rida--I'm sure Blindside has video of this... I'm hoping Blindside doesn't share video of this; and there was Cowzilla trying to lick me... again:

Overall, it was a really solid evening. We polished off the night with a little more gaming (it turns out I'm incredibly talented at Halo) and shenanigans. I'm sure there will be much more to come in future cblogs, but I hope you all could enjoy the journey.

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