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Hank Peters
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New Double Fine game NOW ONLINE

It's called "Host Master and the Conquest of Humor", and it's a point and click adventure available on the official Double Fine website. The game is about Tim Schafer (host of the 2009 GDC Awards!) trying to find a joke bef...


Attn Dtoid: fantastic deals at Target

Today I naively thought that I'd be able to find a copy of Madworld at Target. I know that the game shipped to stores yesterday and should arrive in stores tomorrow, but I'm just too damn excited for the game to wait. So anyw...


Sam and Max to use Miis on Wii?

Because I have a terrible computer that can hardly run Halo 1 (with minimal specs), I have been very excited about Sam and Max Season One coming over to the Wii. Sure, it could just been a quick and dirty port, but as long as...


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