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Hanif Hackley's blog

4:38 PM on 05.02.2012


My name is Mr.X and Im a gamer and writer. I've been thinking about doing this for a long time and now I finally pushed myself doing it. I have been a member of multiple flash game websites including Konergate, Newgrounds, and Armor games. Recently, I reviewed a game on newgrounds called superfighter (try it out and the game before, Barbarian Onslaught:Secret of Steel if you haven't already: the reason because the developer is making a new superfighters, and has been said to be going on the xbox 360 arcade. So, I reviewed it, and also gave a list of flaws and things I felt were useless to the game and suggested some thing they could add. Two days later, I get a reply from the developer saying he liked it! Of course, that's not AMAZING but it did push me to start this blog. I will be making a series of reveiws and other things that come to mind and will be making a twitter and facebook account for messages. REMEMBER: these are my opinions of the game and shouldn't be used as a reference. Also, if you would like, you may send me donations for games you may want me to play. But first, I need you guys to leave a comment and HELP ME to do this cause Im a noob and dont no what I should do to set it up PLEASE HELP!

Until we meet again,

Mr.X   read

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