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Handy avatar 11:10 AM on 01.28.2012  (server time)
How Dare You, Capcom.

How dare you, Capcom. Youíve got some nerve, waltzing in here like you own the place and slapping your loyal fans right in fucking face with your giant ball-top style cock. After everything Iíve done for you, Capcom, you have the cheek, the sheer audacity, to include bad box art Megaman in Street Fighter X Tekken.

Fuck you, Capcom.

Fuck you to Hell.

Literally fuck you with my penis all the way down into the fires of Hell itself.

Why? Why did you do this to me? Why would you include bad box art Megaman as one of the joke characters in SFXT? Why didnít you pick the other Megaman, you know, classic Megaman, or Megaman X, or Mega Man Volnutt, or Megaman.exe, or Star Force Megaman, or the old cartoon Megaman, or the other old Captain N cartoon Megaman. If you picked one of them nobody would have complained that it wasnít one of the others.

You have once again disrespected devoted Megaman fans by including an in-joke only they will get and have laughed about for decades, you bastards. You murdered Megaman, and nobody ever talks about him anymore, but that wasnít enough for you was it? You had to dig up his rotting corpse and drag it through the mud one more time, just to spite us. Just to antagonize the people who keep asking for more Megaman Ė you gave them more Megaman, you are literally the worst people ever, provoking the fans who gave you nothing but unconditional love for years until you did something we didnít like.

You will treat him with God damn respect he deserves.

First, they cancel Megaman Legends 3, just because they didnít think it would make any money, as if that makes any kind of sense, the idea that a company would rather make a profit then please a handful of people is ludicrous, then, they put Zero in MvC3, and Zero isnít Megaman and they know that, then they put a picture of Megaman in the background of UMvC, as if to say ďWe hear your concerns but we donít give a shit and also hate youĒ, then after all the kicking and screaming we did about Megaman not being in a fighting game, they put him in a fighting game, the sons of bitches. By making reference to a bit of trivia only Megaman fans get and joke about they are clearly telling us how much they hate Megaman and how much they hate us.

Bad box art Megaman is clearly a metaphor for how they feel about Megaman today, heís nothing but a joke, a bloated, disgusting, mistake from the past whoís only remaining purpose is to be laughed at, just like his fans. Some people might just think that they did it Ďcause itís funny, and sure, some people might argue that Megaman has been much more prevalent since his ďdeathĒ then he ever was at the height of his popularity, but those people are wrong.....because. Bad box art Megamanís appearance in SFxT is clearly intended as phlegmy gob of spit thwaping off the collective face of all Megaman fans. For Capcom, or should I say Crapcom, because they are crap, this is nothing but a mean spirited gesture.

When we joke about it, itís funny and ironic. When you joke about it, itís a malicious, backhanded insult.

Because logic.

For Christ sake, my firstborn is called Cut Man, do you know how much bullying she receives over that? But Iím willing to bear that burden because I care, about Megaman. Apparently Iím the only one who still does, so how dare you, Capcom, how dare you listen to what fans are complaining about and then give it to them in a funny and different way, you are actually worse than Hitler, do you know that? I donít know about you, but Iím buying a ticket to Comic-Con so I can personally make sure Seth Killian actually gets punched in the face this time, because it was probably his decision.

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