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Handy avatar 4:07 PM on 08.23.2010  (server time)
Fanart Flops: Octopus Hojo Edition.

Welcome to Fanart Flops, the only Destructoid blog that makes you envy the blind. This time we explore one of the most prevalent areas of video game fanart, Final Fantasy, the game series so big it’s even become cliché to point out its clichés (girly men, fancy swords, pointy hair, and so on). I actually found it hard to find these this time around, not because they’re not out there, but because there’s so god damn much Final Fantasy fanart around that it took forever to sift through it in my search for that rare combination of good art-bad idea.

Still, we weather on. And to serve as a warning, this Final Fantasy fanart, so if you hold an aversion to, say, Sephiroth poring hot wax on a timid Cloud the you may want to avoid this (but you won’t, curiosity will get the better of you).

I didn’t play 12 but, were there TRON bikes in that?

Still not sure if this is some sort of punk rock thing or an outright transgender Zack.

I’ve come to realise that if they did make a realistic HD remake of FF7 this is what it would look like.

I’d love to know the thought process that leads to pictures like these. I mean, there was that five minutes you spend locked up in the game, but that was over a decade ago, how does a Lady Gaga video lead to this?

I imagine the artist was disappointed after he spent so much time perfecting the hair only to realise “Shit there’s no room for his face......fuck it, no one’ll notice.”

Wait, look again, hang on, yeah, look at the hair, do you get it yet? Took me about five minutes before I realised what this was supposed to be and I still don’t understand what’s going on.

Just to be clear, Rude barely ever talks or shows emotion at all in the game and even admits to liking Tifa, yet none of these perfectly valid reasons will stop fans from pairing up random characters.

Fucking Final Fantasy force feeding fetishists.....

I’m starting to develop some kind of Stockholm syndrome thing for Waluigi now.

Steiner whispering sweet nothings in Zidane’s ear.


Where do people come up with this shit? Is it a level grinding joke?

Told you so.

I came across a lot of pictures like this for some reason. Was there a Lion King stage in Kingdom Hearts where everybody looks like this or something? Anyway this one makes it in because of this one earnest comment....

I don’t know.

Oh lovely, make the most irredeemable, sexually deviant character capable of tentacle rape.

Sephiroth’s going shopiiiiiing!

Best example I have ever found of a Fanart Flop.

I didn’t have time to create my own picture this time so I guess I could leave you with something left over from the last edition.

Yeah sorry about that...

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