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Handy avatar 7:23 AM on 11.14.2011  (server time)
Fanart Flops: Back by (Un)Popular Demand.

Welcome to Fanart Flops, the Destructoid blog series that stole its intro style from Annotated Anime over on Japanator, and I bet you didnít even notice!

For those not in the know, or the unscarred as we call them, Fanart Flops is a collection of the most awful and confusing videogame fan art that Iím able to post here without someone taking legal action, not because of copyright infringement mind you, but because of the mental and emotional damage you would suffer from seeing them. Seriously, think about the stuff I donít put in here. Iíve seen things, things you canít imagine, things that would cause a lesser man to break, and a greater man to take action. But me, all I can do is see them, see them and try to forget.

As always, Fanart Flops are not necessarily badly drawn fan art, many pieces showcase artists with a lot of talent or potential, Fanart Flops are defined by their inexplicable subject matter, bizarre premises, or by just being plain ďoffĒ for lack of a better description. This weekís biggest offenders are Final Fantasy and Sonic fans once again, with a healthy dose of Lara Croft thrown in and an entire section dedicated to the most baffling crossover ideas ever conceived by what I assume and the scattered minds of traumatised Vietnam vets trying to piece together the visual media they encounter in a world they can no longer relate to.

That said, join me for one more journey through the garden of madness.

This is the result of Lara working out what I imagine are all the wrong muscles.

Do you really want the Wii U to be HD? Really?

A little late for Halloween but Iíll make an exception

MY GOD, thereís exaggerating features and then thereís outright visual lying. My favourite bit is the creeper poking around the door.

I like to imagine this scene as a father teaching his child to swim tough love style, sans the crotch bulges of course.

Iím as surprised as they are.

Now thatís just some unfortunate contrast. If you canít see why this makes the cut then try squinting.

Triple your Brock, triple your pleasure.

If you think furry Lara Croft fanart is stupid, just you wait.

BONUS IMAGE! Capcom would probably charge you for this on disk image as DLC even though you bought the full gallery already.

Yeah *slides hand down pants* you tame that crocodile.

Now this is the stuff I feel worst about mocking, the picture isnít bad per say, just a bit off model, and itís not like I could do any better. Still, part of me just loves hung over Sephiroth during his eye exam floating there in the background.

You may well consider this good fanart, and I wouldnít hold it against you.

Punk, much like the Tomb Raider franchise, is not dead in some peopleís eyes.

Hogtopus: Still better than the Werehog.

Reapers? You should be worrying about us reaping all the pimp daddies up in HHHEEEEEEEEEEEAAA

Haaaaaaugh. I donít even know where to start with this, itís just, no. Boob raider? Thatís not clever, you just gave her big boobs and are referencing that! Itís not a pun or anything! IT DOESNíT EVEN RHYME!!! I could go on (a big adventure, ho ho!cumming to a theater near you) but letís keep this train wreak going.

His strong Christian values are why he keeps giving Sonic Team another chance.

This one just scared me a little...

In case you canít read the small print Ė ďIn memory of a wonderful man...killed by the deception and corruption of ShinraĒ

In memory of a wonderful man.

A wonderful man.

Wonderful man.



Waluigi, as always, appears to make things creepier. If youíll notice this was drawn on a math book, Waluigi is literally poisoning the minds of our youth.

Weed and guns and trench coats and Knuckles, we all went through this stage in our adolescence right? This is what puberty makes you do to the things you love.

Is there any way I can make fun of this and not sound anti-Semitic? I mean, come on!

Crossover Clusterfuckery

I donít know why this exists. I donít know why any of this exists.

Sonic and Crash I can understand, the teenage years is what confuses me, the teenage years where everybody goes sleeveless or wears a trenchcoat. Itís just, I feel embarrassed just looking at this thing, I canít help it, and Iím pretty sure half of those Bandicoot characters are made up.


In case you canít tell, this is The Brave Little Toaster crossed with Jet Set Radio. I cannot fathom what inspires such things. Also, I didnít know the toaster was a girl.

Kentucky fried chocobo? Too easy?

Skylanders ainít looking so bad now, eh?

Two million dead in the first day.

Another seven million by the end of the first week.

Teenage mutant ninja celestial wolf goddesses just doesnít have the ring to it.

James does not approve of premarital fornication.

I swear, I will devote every fibre of my being to discovering the story behind this picture. All Iíve got so far is that Zach Braff who starred in Scrubs also voiced Chicken Little in both the movie and KH2. Itís not much to go on but weíre going to pull this thread till the sweater unravels.

And there it is. IíM SORRY. If for some reason you havenít taken enough punishment, a lot of this editions work, along with plenty of awful of non videogame fan art can be found here, so all credit to those guys.

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