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Hamza CTZ Aziz avatar 2:04 AM on 08.04.2011  (server time)
Who the hell are all these new faces?!

So yeah, lots of new faces right? I'm sure you've all noticed ... or haven't because you just go straight to the C Blogs (which is cool!) We've brought on a lot of new people for a variety of reasons, but most specifically to help us cover stuff we don't typically cover or focus on with the core team.

For example, anyone who reads us knows that are PC coverage is non-existent. That's something we aim to change as we prep something new that's coming soon. But for now know that we're basically building up the ground work to focus better on not only PC games (like MMO and social), but PC hardware too. Side note: This is going to bring the PC asshole elitist crowd with it too. NEAT!

A lot of these faces you actually know. Sean Daisy (CaptainBus!), Alastair Duncan (Ali D!) and as of tonight, Andy Butler (Grandpa Sandy, er Gandysampras!) These are just a few of the many new faces you're seeing now on a regular basis. I know you guys and gals like to get to know the editors so we've encouraged them all to say a little something on the blogs or forums. It's totally up to them if they want to or not, but either way welcome them!

There's actually multiple teams but I'm going to talk to you specifically about my teams that I run: Community, Events and International. You know what's awesome? I have a team in San Francisco now! This is a HUGE relief for me because it can get really crazy with event coverage just in SF. This week alone we've been invited to see 7 games. Okay, I'm sure you're thinking "Waahhhh first world problems waahhhhh" and that I'm complaining about playing videogames for a living. I'm honestly not trying to. Preview events are a real time consuming thing, especially when I have other responsibilities that take up a lot of time as it is (COMMUNITY!)

But that's really not an issue now as I have a really awesome team of people to send to these things. It PAINS ME to give up on the chance to see games before they're released, drink endless amounts of alcohol and give up all the free swag but I've taken one for the team in order to get you all better coverage. Actually I'm totally fine with this but that's not to say I won't take previews still when it's something I really want to see (first hands-on with Saints Row: The Third next week!!!)

This is just a first step. Next up I'm going to be tracking down people in New York and Los Angeles to do the same thing. I think we're pretty set with Seattle (Chris Morris and Hope) and Texas (Allistair, who's going to Quakecon this week for us!) That about covers it for the US as the major places where cool videogame things happen. So the step after that?

International! We've always had overseas team members but we're going a step further with it now. At the moment, I have a few folks in Australia, the UK and Greece starting to do more coverage. The goal? To start covering international news. Dtoid gets pretty dead from midnight to the 8AM so it seems like the perfect time to fill it up with the news from the other side of the world where people are just waking up for the most part.

The Internet is a worldwide affair so it only makes sense that we bring about more coverage for the international audience. Pretty soon I'm going to have someone focusing on South America (Brazil specifically), a Germany based guy (who doubles as a French guy!) and Japanese content as well. Really all that's left is that I'm looking for a couple of Canadian residence (One in Vancouver and one in Toronto) and my world domination plans will be more or less complete.

Having people in these key locations will also mean we can send them to events in their area. Australia specifically is growing with gaming events, such as the upcoming EB Expo which is sounding like Australia's answer to gamescom, PAX and E3 all rolled up into one.

So yeah, lots of new faces. It's pretty exciting times here at Dtoid. And speaking of exciting and PAX, I'll have news for you on that front pretty soon. Lots of planning going between me and the community team.

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