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Hamza CTZ Aziz avatar 4:03 PM on 10.04.2010  (server time)
Someone sent us Destructoid cookies (Update)

So I just got a package by someone with the name of Angel Hayes who made us a bunch of cookies themed like Mr. Destructoid.

First thought: Who's Angel Hayes?

Second thought: Oh god these are poisoned.

Third thought: Wait, there's a return address. These must be edible.


Of course, this all went through my head after I already ate one. So if I'm dead by the end of the day, all my stuff goes to Polo Guy.

Seriously though, thanks Angel. Last thing we were expecting to get and it totally made our day. It's the small things like this that makes everything totally worth it.

UPDATE: There was a note in the package! Now I remember who she is. Angel entered our Revision 3/Best Job Offer interview. She submitted a video just days after a pretty bad car accident. She's doing fine now, but her video did bring a few tears to our eyes. <3 <3 <3

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