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Hamza CTZ Aziz avatar 7:22 PM on 04.16.2010
Some unanswered questions from the latest Podtoid

We got around to asking, like, two questions in Podtoid 146. Here some that I wanted to answer that were directed to me specifically. HNNNNGGGG:

Cadtalfryn: What is your opinion of the Sharkadillo?

Itís a technical marvel in design, but it canít stand a chance against the classic shark model.



PieInTheSky:How is it that you are now associated with sharks?

Long story short, I posted about a Dr. McNinja shirt involving a gorilla high-fiving a shark. Then Zac Bentz from Jtor posted the Singing Shark comic (in my profile -->) and I proceeded to spam everyone I knew (literally) with that comic. And the rest is history.

Chainsawface: Did you guys ever get the original Dtoid helmet back? I kinda hope the guy keeps it forever and it scars his face, so he becomes some kind of archvillain swearing revenge on destructoid.
That'd be pretty cool.

SleepyInsomniac: "Dolphins are awesome!" What do you think of this statement?

Your face is stupid. Thatís what I think.

Fitzinator: If a shark got in a fight with a lion who would win? disregard the fact that one is a water animal and one is a land animal. Answer based on the sheer awesomeness of the animals

A shark, duh. Jesus, donít you know how to science?

Flomeh: Hamza, would you have a Goblin Shark as a pet?

No. Shitís weak.

Karunga: Which is hairier, Adam's jaw, Reverend Anthony's jaw, or Hamza's arms?

Before PAX East, I would have said me. But seeing Adamís epic beard puts my chest hair to shame. SHAME!

MechaSheva17: If you could make the ULTIMATE shark by combining two different species of sharks what sharks would you pick and why?

A tiger and hammer head shark, for very obvious reasons.

SenorDoucheoisie: Who would win in a fight, an alligator or a shark?

Shark by default as the alligator would be too scared to enter the water. OHHH SNAP!

Technophile: Hamza, can you make me snuggie out of your arm hairs?


Daxelman: Hazma, bro, I gotta ask. Whale Sharks, or Tiger Sharks?

Tiger sharks, of course. The T in CTZ stands for Tiger ;) Also, you spelled my name wrong you goddamn jerk.

RoninZero: Is there any war that should become a video game? Historical accuracy doesn't have to be there. Grenade Jump or Rocket Jump? Hamza, since you lack a mustache, but have loads of body hair, is every "ride" a mustache ride? Or should everyone expect it to be like fondling a yeti, great until you get to the hairless parts?

First question, see Podtoid 146 for my answer. Second question: Grenade jump! Third question: Yes. Every ride is indeed a mustache ride. God I hope the sequel to that movie is good.

The new episode is on iTunes now.

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