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Hamza CTZ Aziz avatar 3:33 PM on 02.26.2012  (server time)
My favorite videogame trailers of 2012, so far

Yesterday I spent most of my day looking back at Destructoid's content that went up while I was away in Europe for a month. Partly to just see everything that happened and partly to keep better tabs on certain end of year projects.

One thing I want to do at the end of the year is recognize the best videogame trailers that were released. I feel like video editors are the unsung heroes in the gaming industry, both on the press side and developer side.

So far, I think Gearbox's recently released "Borderlands 2 Launch Date Trailer" is the best trailer of the year. I couldn't get into the first game and now after this trailer I can't stop thinking about Borderlands 2. It's also impressive that it got over 1 million views on YouTube within 24 hours. Send some love to Gearbox's MikeyFace for creating the trailer (and also for being one of the lead writers on the series!)

My second favorite trailer of the year thus far is the Sleeping Dogs live-action debut. Typically, live-action videos can never live up to what the game can be, right? That's not the case here. I played Sleeping Dogs a couple of weeks ago and the trailer immulates the game to perfection. Everything you see that happens in the trailer can happen in the game. Even the slow-motion bits happen in the game!

I really think that Sleeping Dogs is going to be one of the biggest surprises of this year.

Those are the only two that really stick up there for me so far in 2012. If I have to pick a third, it would be the latest Lollipop Chainsaw trailer that focuses on Juliet's boyfriend, the decapitated head.

What have been your favorite game trailers in 2012 so far?

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