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Hamza CTZ Aziz avatar 1:36 AM on 08.31.2011  (server time)

I don't even know where to start, you guys. I meet so many people, did so many things that I just don't even know.

Thank you to Carol who put me up at her place Wednesday night, made cookies and then proceeded to play Portal 2 co-op with me in her apartment's giant theater complex until 3AM. Thanks to her for also being my assistant bitch the whole weekend.

Thanks to Spencer, Jesse Cortez, Andrew (PowerGlove) Burton, Katamaya and Andy Dixon for all the help and assists during the convention.

Thanks to Joy, Chanh and all the various other photographers who made sure to capture all the special moments.

Thanks to Jon, Reid and all the people at Fangamer for the Dtoid love and the general awesome.

Thank you to 2K's Jennie Sue, Elizabeth Toby and Digital Extreme's Sheldon Carter for joining us at the panel and keeping the horrible food eating competition going.

Thanks to the awesome Enforcers at the Unicorn Theater for putting up with us and sorry again about the carpet.

Thanks to Jake DiGennaro for all the TopWare/Two Worlds II prizes we gave out at the panel.

Thanks to Sega's David Bruno, Kellie Parker, Thu Nguyen for the Sega dance battle at our panel and for the killer Sega party Saturday night at Gameworks.

Thanks to the awesome Revision 3 team of Zac Minor, Graham Hancock, Jay T. Conrad, Jackie Talbott and the rest of the team for busting so much ass and putting out nearly 30 videos just from the weekend.

Thanks to Neal Pabon from THQ and J Goldberg from Volition for the exclusive Saints Row: The Third reveal where we showed off the giant tits/dicks feature at our panel.

Shout outs to Shaun Norton, Lizzie Cuevas, Andy Eddy, Square Lola, Andy Salsbury, Emminentt, Screw Attacks, Tina Amini, VampyBitMe, Twisted Pixel, Brian Provinciano, .tiff, Nelly, everyone that took the time to be Mr. Destructoid, all the awesome community members I got to see again and all the new ones I met. Every one of you is just awesome.

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