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On June 11 2006, I was brought onto Destructoid as staff. I'd have posted this sooner, but I was on the road to E3 that day. Anyway, little did I know how my life would change for the better come just four years later.

The story is simple. I found Destructoid day one through a couple of websites I frequented and fell instantly in love. I lurked for a couple of months before finally deciding to spam Niero on a regular bases with interesting videogame stories. It finally got to the point where Niero asked me to write for him. Best decision ever.

Eventually, I somehow became the Community Manager for the site. Like, I didn't even know until I noticed my new job title on the front page. It made sense though, as I was all over the blogs, forums and whatever else the community created. I still see everything, but it's harder to participate as my roll and responsibilities increase.

Thankfully, there are many of you that have stepped up and taken charge when needed without even being asked for it. Mxyptlk, Mikey, Dexter, Power Glove, J Ro, Hollie, FooLiz, mistic, the Recap team and so many others have risen to keep the robot a well running machine.

The Rebirth is coming in just a couple of months now and it will be the biggest change you've seen since we made the move from Wordpress. It'll be good change, not "scary omfg what is this I don't even I hate you" change. It'll introduce things you've long requested and offer more stuff that you aren't expecting, all running on a new brand of batteries (more robotic metaphors!) Keep calm and carry on, as they say.

We've seen people leave, community and staff. We've grown attachments to them. We've made connections with strangers over the Internet. We've traveled hundreds of miles to get together in person and it rarely ever is weird to meet in person. It feels like we've known each other for years in fact.

Simply put, Destructoid is more than just a website and I'm lucky to be part of all this. But you didn't need me to say that. You already know.

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