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Hamza CTZ Aziz
7:50 PM on 11.29.2010

*Brofists* to CrimeMinister for being the new official Intern Bitch.

*Brofists* to Magnalon, Uber Mashu, Rabite, Aurvant, Xzyliac, Daxelman and Guncannon for being the newly reformed old mod team that you had no idea about and they disappeared because of New Destructoid but now they're back ... team. They're patrolling the comments for spammers and douchebags.

*Brofists* to Mxyzptlk, Zodiac Eclipse, Icarus Kills and Ali D for the forums like cops through red lights.

*Brofists* to all the crew that run the Dtoid city groups.

*Brofists* to all y'all doing the Community Podcasts.

*Brofists* to the Minecraft group making amazing things.

*Brofists* to the Revision3 fans and the gang that watch Dtoid Live religiously.

Big community update coming up. Thanks for the feedback on that last blog with the Assassin's Creed ornaments.

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