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For context, the guy feeding me is Nigel Lowrie of Devolver Digital and we were goofing off waiting for some of my people to come through and demo some games. It was the second day of E3 and we were over at their camp (more or less) across the street from the convention center. They had barbeque going on, and campers filled with their upcoming games to show off, like Hotline Miami 2.

There's this ... mode people working trade shows just go into. We don't really eat, we're not really human, we're just kind of on autopilot. So going outside away from all the people, noises, smells, and having some real actual good food in our bellies while checking out rad games was easily the best thing anyone could have experienced at a show like this. 

It's weird, we seriously just mistreat our bodies not on purpose, it just kind of happens. Any food we do eat usually ends up being a quick snack from a nearby corner store for breakfast, and the evenings are filled with dumb finger foods. Oh and alcohol. Loads of that.

Hi. So, uh, what's new? Lot's have changed around here, huh? Like, I'm the CEO of this company now. What the fuck is up with that?

What's the best way I can say this? My life has been just bonkers lately. I got bumped up to the dude that runs this place, someone extremely close to me passed away, some big names left the company, I brought back this idiot, and what else? Oh, we're in the middle of two major console launches. This has been my last two months. There's more, but you get the idea.

Why am I telling you this? Well, for starters this blog is long overdue. I hope you understand now just a little as to why I've been quiet for the most part. Just so much going on, especially with the stuff I didn't expect before saying yes to Niero on becoming CEO. Holy shit I'm responsible for the financial stuff now? I have to make sure people get paid on time? FUUUUUCK.

Anyway, I want to get back to really engaging with all of you. I've been making more efforts to get into the comments on the front page, but that's usually pretty focused to the story (or adding to whatever jokes/gifs you funny bastards make happen). I want the communication to be as open as possible. I love that Char Assnibble (haha I'm a CEO) called us out. Kick us in the ass sometimes, as a reminder. We haven't forgotten about you, just, you know, there's so much happening. So much.

Like Dtoid HQ over here in San Francisco. We threw our couches on the street (for real) and have transformed our living room into a video set. We're about to rebuild it from the ground up thanks to the arrival of Max, in fact.

So I'm sure you have a lot of questions. With the start of this blog, I want to (hopefully, fingers crossed) do a weekly Ask Me Anything style blog where I try to answer whatever the hell you want to ask in the comments below. So yeah, come at me bro.

There are a ton of great free 2 play games out on the market now, so it's easier than ever to play with others. So what do you think of doing nightly F2P game nights? We have Team Fortress 2sdays now, which does great.

All these games are F2P: Super MNC, League of Legends, Hawken, Blacklight: Retribution, DOTA 2, Tribes: Ascend. What else? Plus, we can get these games streaming over on Streamtoid if there was anyone willing to stream, or even shoutcast. Eventually I'm hoping this will all lead into a bigger idea I have with tournaments, but first things first.

It's funny being in this business. Ask anyone and you'll find out that most people end up talking about videogames more than they actually play them. Usually that's been the case with me, but this year I played a lot more games than ever, most to completion too. I'm really proud of that fact. It's one thing to talk about games, but it's a whole different level to talk about the games when you know them inside and out.

So it was really hard this time to narrow down my top 10 of 2012.

#10: Sleeping Dogs

I knew from the first second Square Enix/United Front Games showed us Sleeping Dogs that I was going to love it. I love these type of open-world experiences, and it's a perfect blend of the realistic approach the GTA series takes with the wackiness of the Saints Row franchise.

What really made the whole experience for me was the Hong Kong setting. We're so used to the American-like environments of other open-world games that Hong Kong felt unique and totally alien.

#9: Hotline Miami

Hotline Miami is such a dark and violent experience. While there are tons of gory games out there, the minimalistic approach developer Dennaton Games took made the gruesome acts you perform all the more shocking, forcing the player to imagine the worst. And that's all contrasted by the psychedelic visuals and one of the best game soundtracks of the year.

#8: Call of Duty: Black Ops II

Treyarch went above and beyond what it means to make a Call of Duty. They took some bold risks creating a killer story that incorporates player choice, and overhauled a multiplayer system that's been duplicated countless times by copycats. Plus, the multiplayer features some great weapons, and some of the best map designs since CoD 4.

#7: Super Hexagon

Without a doubt, Super Hexagon is one of the most addicting games I've ever played. It's so simple, and it's that simplicity that drives me crazy ever time I make a stupid mistake. I can stare at my phone for hours as the crazy visuals warp my mind while the killer music makes me want to get my groove on.

#6: FEZ

FEZ is a love letter to the 8-bit era, offering a simple and inviting world that will make your head spin as you realize just how deep and involving things can get. And no matter how frustrated you will get, it's hard to stay mad as you stare at the beautiful visuals while taking in DisasterPeace's splendid soundtrack.

#5: Max Payne 3

It says something about Rockstar Games that they can revive a franchise like Max Payne while keeping the core essentials of the series intact this day and age. No extreme makeovers, instead giving us an amazing dark and depressing story, plus fun combat mechanics all presented on an amazing game engine. I hope a lot more studios take from Max Payne 3's page by seamlessly integrating cinematics and gameplay in the future.

#4: Halo 4

I was so relieved after completing the first couple of missions in Halo 4. I, like many others, were legitimately concerned of a new studio taking over such a beloved franchise. Like I said in my review though, 343 nailed it. It still feels like a Halo game, while integrating new elements that make for an addictive first-person shooter. I'm still in disbelief at how practically next-gen the visuals look.

#3: Far Cry 3

I didn't see this one coming. Hell, I don't think many people did. Sure, there was a nice level of hype surrounding Far Cry 3, but I was just so focused on all the other first-person shooters this year that I damn near missed this one. I'm so glad I didn't. Yeah, the story is a bit lame, but that won't take away from how amazing the overall experience is.

It's a first-person shooter where you are free to take on the world as you see fit. And it's a living, breathing world. I will never forget how I was attacked by a random tiger while trying to sneakily take out a pirate camp once. I freaked out and gave away my position by firing upon the tiger and was about to get surrounded by pirates. So I ran towards the camp, and watched as the pirates and tiger shift focus onto each other, giving me the chance to regroup and attack while all everyone was distracted.

#2: Journey

I've never been as moved by an experience quite like Journey. To the point that I immediately started a second play through after the credits rolled. It's such a beautiful haunting world, one that I can play through over and over again and never get bored. It features one of the most engaging multiplayer components around too, something that I hope to see more of in games.

And its message of the human life cycle is something that I won't forget either, especially that last area. You know what I'm talking about.

#1: The Walking Dead

I never imagined that I'd like an Adventure game quite this much. The Walking Dead isn't just another zombie game. It's about humanity. It's about humans as they struggle to survive against increasingly hostile odds. From zombies, from the world, and most of all, from other humans trying to survive.

Lee Everett is you. You are this guy, once on his way to jail, now the ward of a hapless little girl. You have to make choices, ranging from bad to shit, and often with no time to worry about the consequences. Whatever you end up doing, it's all to keep a little kid safe and to show her the way in this new scary world.


And now, I want to replay a bunch of these games after talking about them. While I was pretty proud of all the games I played in 2012, I still didn't get to see everything. If I have one New Years resolution, it's to play EVERY game I can in 2013.

So what were YOUR top 10 games of 2012?
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Everything makes so much sense now. So so so much sense. Tonight on Twitter @Katamayadamcy looked up what her name means on Urban Dictionary. So I did the same thing and oh boy.

The traditional meaning of my name falls under number 2 on the list, being brave, with a lion's heart and such. It's the third meaning I had NO idea about, but everything in my life now makes so much more sense after reading it:

Foremost known as "The God Of Sex" An individual renowned world wide for his expertise with sex and highly sexual acts. One such as Hamza has been known to have sex with more than 30 girls at one time, even stimulating a maximum of 8 at once. Hamza's usually have enormous genitalia and can produce litres of semen in one ejaculation. Characteristics of Hamza's are cool, popular, attractive, instaclimatic (when girls see Hamza's they reach their sexual climax instantaneously) strong, athletic, charming, generally amazing at every aspect of life. Once an individual has had intercourse with a Hamza they are suggested to stay bedridden for a minimum of 2 weeks because of the mass vaginal damage.

The examples of how to use my name in a sentence are equally priceless:

Girl 1: Holy fucking shit Hamza is the best lover ever
Girl 792: Yeah he wrecked my pussy
Girl 3275: I wish my husband was Hamza,
Girl 94: I don't, if he was my vagina would be no more

Thank you, Internet. Thank you so much.

We get a LOT of stuff sent to us on a regular basis. Here's what I've gotten in the last week and a half alone.