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Don't laugh at my banner :( I asked someone to make it for me long ago and its all I have. IF YOU COULD REMOVE THE STICKAM ENTERTAINER SOMEHOW I WOULD LOVE THAT. Also..I like me some PSTriple, except for the fact that it has no games. I do own a 360 as well..my gamertags on both PSN and XBL are hameed67. Check it out!
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12:49 PM on 03.12.2008

what a piece of shit console. On the bright side though, I've started playing wind waker again because the dragon roost island song gives me goosebumps

Now that the whole sex scene thing has appeared to go mainstream, how many folks out there do you think are going to go pick up mass effect to get some ass? I heard some peeps up at Collin College talking and giggling about how they were going to pick up the game today solely for that purpose(good luck killing those fucking charging invincible krogans)...We all know that Fox News completely was wrong in just about every aspect but, does anyone think this will have a positive spin for the game?

7:23 PM on 01.08.2008

Check out this porn on youtube before it gets pulled down!

also congrats to Cjp, power gl0ve and myself for kicking rock bands ass
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Bought rock band bundle for 360 last night, drum kit latches were loose and i could not adjust height. Played some guitar today and 3 buttons don't work 100% and the strum bar double strums.

Verdict: Called EA and I am sending it back for a replacement.

For a lovely 18,000...finally got manual down..possibly one of the more difficult things I've done in my life. 20,000 Miles too so woot
PROTIP: Do not learn manual with your father in the car.

also Call of Duty 4 is sooo boring :(
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Alright let me just starting off by saying that this game sucks. The charts done by those dipshits at Neversoft are just god awful and they need to srsly l2p. I've seen far better custom charts done by people who edit their own songs on guitar hero. Also the first 5 or so sets you have to play through in career are just some of the worst, lengthiest, and most repetitive songs I've played on any Guitar Hero game. Towards the last two sets its actually somewhat fun except when you fail raining blood at 34% and have to redo the whole intro to get back there. Or perhaps after the tapping solo on one where your dad walks by the TV screen and you fail at 93%. But onto a srs note ill just list the pros and cons of this game.

-Boss Battles are pretty fun, though short
-Moar Metal is fun
-Online Play is a huge +
-Plenty of songs
-More customization options for your character
-Better Graphics
-The consecutive note tracker and reminder are nicely implemented.
-Actually somewhat challenging as compared to Guitar Hero 2

-The note charts in this game are just BADDDDD http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=295fxG4S6DY go to 1:18 and tell me the chart fits the song. TELL ME!!
-Failing at 1% on through the fire of flames is just ridiculous
-70% of the songs in this game are asinine and repetitive
-The cutscenes in Career are pointless
-Song song song song encore...feel familiar?
-Timing seems off sometimes
-Female Singers do not belong in music
-Neversoft needs to figure out how to pick less repetitive songs
-Needs YYZ
-The controller is a little harder to use than the guitar hero 2 controller

Final Score: 8.9 / 10
And on that note im going to my friends house to play guitar hero 3, BBL