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11:37 PM on 03.25.2014

For some reason this game never ceases to get my adrenaline going, especially when I am trying to beat my old score. It is a simple matter of shooting waves of aliens, and my excitement for this game has never gone away whether it is something closer to the original or Space Invaders Extreme.

I don't see many nods to older games other than mainly Pac-Man, occasionally Asteroids and maybe Missile Command (Think this was on an episode of the TV series Chuck). I loved the one Futurama episode where Fry uses his Space Invaders skills.

[justify][font=Arial]It is hard to see myself owning a $200 handheld, but if I have this game on my smartphone I am hard pressed to move away to any other handheld game anyway. I've played a few handhelds, but I think I have had my fill, besides I get the same amount of enjoyment from app games. I prefer Space Invaders over the still popular Tetris because when I lose a life in Space Invaders I just seem to take it more personally. Also, it makes me laugh thinking at how revolutionary it was to blast at enemies through your own shield.

The hardest part for me is when I've completely used up my shields then I'm just zigging left and right, trying to mow down the rows and not get taken out by a first row alien. I have some facepalm moments when I'm peeking behind a shield and then get hit upside the face.[/font]

SCORE: 10/10

For me it is a perfect game because of its simple mechanics, but surprisingly it's not my all time favorite. There is still significant value in this game because to me it's like listening to Rapper's Delight over and over in my car and memorizing lyrics. Or you can do both at the same time and feel like you're on the bow the Titanic. If you're fancy pants like me might have a slurpee or icee to top it off.[/font]

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