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HAI! erm... Yo, I'm Halidar. I'm a big RPG fan, the Final Fantasy series is what got me into gaming in the first place. From there I moved into all other genres. I've been playing games since I was really small. I remember playing Super C with my mom when I was around 4.
Right now I'm on a big Puzzle & Fightans kick. I've been playing puyo puyo fever and SF4 like mad lately. And hopefully once I get a new computer I can get back into my HL2 mods. If you search Halidar on steam, I'm the only one that shows up, and I've always got steam running if I'm on my PC, so feel free to hit me up.

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4:51 PM on 10.27.2009

I had gone out for the weekend looking for some new stuff. As such I decided to explore the most boring looking Mall in the area. Needless to say, that turned out very well. Originally I had only decided to go in because there was a HockShop, where I can usually find some good NES games cheaply priced. And other than the copy of Wind Waker that a friend picked up for $15, the HockShop was a disappointment (Though they had 3 copies of Mario/Duckhunt for 3 different prices wtf).

Then I stumbled across this gem.

Those are all NES/Snes/Sega games.

I fell in love with a room. Seriously. I want to marry it, move in, and pillage. I'm sure that says something about me on a subconscious level, but I don't care!

Them be some Japanese unlicensed NES carts in the corner. Awesome! Problem is, they know exactly how much they can charge for shit. Those were $30-40 each.

Consoles. Lots of consoles. N64s, Snes, Dreamcasts, Sega Saturn, NES, and a few things I can't recognize in the picture.

Some Xboxs, 3DOs, Ataris, PSones, some more Sega stuff (master system, genesis, CD), I think there is a Commodore in there too. So, this store really owns, it would be better if they didn't know how much they could get away with charging for stuff. There was a copy of FF7 there for $100. And I'm sure someone will buy it too.

MORATL KOM...Wait... Marvel vs Street fighter? This would be more awesome if the P1 forward worked. I just tatsumaki a lot. Made me sad.

And this is a wall of fun.
Left to right: WWF, PGA, D&D, Virtua Fighter 4, MLB, Spider Man, Area 51

All in all I spent $15 on Virtua Fighter, and some on food and such. I'm going back soon. What should I be looking to buy when I go back? They have everything.
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