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Half left avatar 8:16 AM on 02.01.2009  (server time)
11 Things You Didn't Know About Half Left

This one goes up to eleven.

1) Runescape was my first proper online gaming experience.

And it was the first time I got involved in an online community. A clan of sorts I became a part of had its own message boards and whatnot. Before I grew bored of MyFirstMMO I quite liked Runescape. I still admire it from a technological standpoint and the way it eased me into the online gaming world.

2) For some reason I like games other people hate and vice-versa.

Mirror's Edge, Assassins creed, Sonic Unleashed (!) to name but a few. I also hated every second of Mass Effect. I don't try to tell people why they're wrong to love it. To each their own I guess.

3) I am an accidental gamer.

I have been brought up in a very old fashioned family. They are scared and confused by technology and probably explains my somewhat late inclusion in the online world. My gaming is a direct result of a medical issue which I wont go into (had surgery last July, all sorted now, lovely scar and everything). Housebound would be going too far, but any extended period of physical movement would cause me really bad stomach cramps. So when we got various gaming consoles they were a natural choice of entertainment.

4) I somewhat regret being an accidental gamer.

I don't dislike gaming and the gamers world. But sometimes I feel that life would be easier had things been different. 'Gaming' is not a socially acceptable hobby in my community you see.

5) I'm getting out of here as soon as I can.

My community is going to shit. Its full of chavs stabbing people left right and center. I love the place, but not the people in it. After University I will hopefully have a degree with enough kick to get me a half decent job. Hopefully away from where I live now.

6) Destructoid wastes too much of my free time.

But then again. I'd only waste it on something else anyway.

7) I procrastinate like a bitch.

Example, my 200 bus pass went missing a few weeks back. I have yet to sort out getting a new one or filing a missing property report or seeing if I can get it replaced for free.

8) I sometimes feel guilty when I pirate stuff.

Emphasis on the sometimes. Nintendo in particular annoy me. I love my R4 and on several occasions I have bought games after having pirated them (pokemon, phoenix wright) but examples such as Prof. Layton and Chrono Trigger piss me off. They were released yonks ago to the rest of the world and I'm expected to pay more to have it given to me late. Also Chrono Trigger was a ready-made game. But I do feel guilty from stealing from the smaller studios. But I cannot justify paying as much as you Americans would for a 360 game for a ickle old DS game in many cases.

9) It annoys me when people assume that The American Office is the original.

'Nuff said. It's a discussion that's been has in #destructoid several times.

10) This is a filler point to justify the 'goes to eleven' pun.

Don't fret, I'll make up for it with this picture:

11) I'm still bitter about the fact that when I bought my DTOID beanie it didn't come with any stickers.

It also arrive four months later than the promised three to five weeks. Never buy from splitreason.

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