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7:43 PM on 05.01.2010

I don't gush, it's unbecoming of me. But just because I don't EVER say it, it doesn't mean that I don't love the Destructoid community. My life has improved a thousandfold since joining up to this poorly-coded, robot-centric, wank-fest. Seriously.

Anyway, because I'm too dead inside to do one of those posts that people did after PAX and that my fellow Briton types do after we go out to play no one ever reads of how glad I am to be a part of it all. If anything, my fixation with the photos from all these events are my gushing. That or they prove how much I am unwilling to 'let go' and face real-life again.

My only hard-copy PAX photos previously (thanks to Suff0cat!)

You may or may not have seen me wasting my time with this, well digital images and their hosting services (see here and here) are all well and good for sharing stuff over the Internet, but they suffer from the same problem as photo albums. They never get seen unless you actively go looking for them.

Tesco's photo service, Tescophoto have a promotion on for new customers, first 40 prints free, 99 pence delivery. It costs me between 50-80 to get me on a train so I can go and play with my UK people. 99 Pence I can stretch to.

Yadda yadda yadda blah blah wank fart cut-to-the-chase. Look what I did:

Sure the Miami office photo wall is 'professional' looking. They have frames and probably used a spirit level. Such effort is beyond my apathetic demenour. I like mine better. It has character, and a lot of space to fill.

Also, I need to hit N0brien, Corican, and Pheonix_Blood in the face with a rake or something. They're far too photogenic and I am none too pleased with the frequency of their mugs on my wall.

Not bad. Can't go wrong for $15 really. Thing is: I have absolutely no recollection of ordering one.

After seeing it I sent through the regular motions of assuming one of you creepy people had sent it to me, but seen decided that was silly, shipping costs and all. Remembering I had recently gone through the farce of setting up online banking with Barclays, I decided to check my statement to see if it was there. Luckily Barclays uses a streamlined and efficient online system, so it only took about 40 minutes. Yup, clear as day. Splitreason, mocking me with it's innocence. Seems I had ordered one.

In retrospect, I could have checked my filtered Splitreason spam mail and seen the confirmation email. Oh well...

Seems I'm sleep-buying or something. Not a good thing for an unemployed full-time student.

Half left
4:57 PM on 10.11.2009


Full 1.6MB 2400x2400px available here.

*All 1547 From the Flickr photostream. Images torn from Flickr with Saleen Software's Flickr Downloader and Mosaic made with PictureMedley

Half left
5:55 AM on 08.25.2009

I don't. It's a website full of broken links and dodgy style sheets. It can die in a fire for all I care.

Front page stories? These can be fun and entertaining. I don't really care for news.

Podcasts? Podcastle I enjoyed, but I won't shed any tears that it's done.

Staff? I've never met or interacted with them. Good job on making Dtoid happen though.

C-Blogs? 75% crap.

Forums? It's ok I guess. Gives a place for the community to converse.

What I do love it the people around it. The community that has arisen about the ickle blog that could. I myself can't wait to meet the many good people I chin-wag with on a daily basis in #destructoid IRC at PAX.

Hell, just look at this "Why I Love Destructoid" thing that I'm being greeted with this fine morning. It seems the Dtoid community loves to piss about together and that's something I can get behind.

That's all I can be arsed to type. Keep it up fellow robots.

"The_Young_scot? I would!"