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7:43 PM on 05.01.2010

A Thing


2:04 PM on 12.28.2009

I Don't Gush, I Did This Instead [pictures!]

I don't gush, it's unbecoming of me. But just because I don't EVER say it, it doesn't mean that I don't love the Destructoid community. My life has improved a thousandfold since joining up to this poorly-coded, robot-centric, wank-fest. Seriously.

Anyway, because I'm too dead inside to do one of those posts that people did after PAX and that my fellow Briton types do after we go out to play no one ever reads of how glad I am to be a part of it all. If anything, my fixation with the photos from all these events are my gushing. That or they prove how much I am unwilling to 'let go' and face real-life again.

My only hard-copy PAX photos previously (thanks to Suff0cat!)

You may or may not have seen me wasting my time with this, well digital images and their hosting services (see here and here) are all well and good for sharing stuff over the Internet, but they suffer from the same problem as photo albums. They never get seen unless you actively go looking for them.

Tesco's photo service, Tescophoto have a promotion on for new customers, first 40 prints free, 99 pence delivery. It costs me between £50-£80 to get me on a train so I can go and play with my UK people. 99 Pence I can stretch to.

Yadda yadda yadda blah blah wank fart cut-to-the-chase. Look what I did:

Sure the Miami office photo wall is 'professional' looking. They have frames and probably used a spirit level. Such effort is beyond my apathetic demenour. I like mine better. It has character, and a lot of space to fill.

Also, I need to hit N0brien, Corican, and Pheonix_Blood in the face with a rake or something. They're far too photogenic and I am none too pleased with the frequency of their mugs on my wall.   read

7:19 AM on 11.28.2009

So This Arrived Today [NVGR]

Not bad. Can't go wrong for $15 really. Thing is: I have absolutely no recollection of ordering one.

After seeing it I sent through the regular motions of assuming one of you creepy people had sent it to me, but seen decided that was silly, shipping costs and all. Remembering I had recently gone through the farce of setting up online banking with Barclays, I decided to check my statement to see if it was there. Luckily Barclays uses a streamlined and efficient online system, so it only took about 40 minutes. Yup, clear as day. Splitreason, mocking me with it's innocence. Seems I had ordered one.

In retrospect, I could have checked my filtered Splitreason spam mail and seen the confirmation email. Oh well...

Seems I'm sleep-buying or something. Not a good thing for an unemployed full-time student.   read

4:57 PM on 10.11.2009

Hey look what I made.


Full 1.6MB 2400x2400px available here.

*All 1547 From the Flickr photostream. Images torn from Flickr with Saleen Software's Flickr Downloader and Mosaic made with PictureMedley   read

5:55 AM on 08.25.2009

Why I Love Destructoid

I don't. It's a website full of broken links and dodgy style sheets. It can die in a fire for all I care.

Front page stories? These can be fun and entertaining. I don't really care for news.

Podcasts? Podcastle I enjoyed, but I won't shed any tears that it's done.

Staff? I've never met or interacted with them. Good job on making Dtoid happen though.

C-Blogs? 75% crap.

Forums? It's ok I guess. Gives a place for the community to converse.

What I do love it the people around it. The community that has arisen about the ickle blog that could. I myself can't wait to meet the many good people I chin-wag with on a daily basis in #destructoid IRC at PAX.

Hell, just look at this "Why I Love Destructoid" thing that I'm being greeted with this fine morning. It seems the Dtoid community loves to piss about together and that's something I can get behind.

That's all I can be arsed to type. Keep it up fellow robots.   read

5:05 PM on 08.09.2009

Happy Birthday The_Young_Scot!

"The_Young_scot? I would!"

<3   read

2:47 PM on 07.28.2009

My Collection

I woke up today sick as a chip. Perhaps because of my complete lack of sleep and bad diet but more likely because of something else or whatever.

Anyway. As someone who can't stand to be in front of a screen when one is ill I decided to do something productive and in-between the dashes to the WC to lose some more stomach lining, finally get round to clearing out this room. I'll spare you the details but suffice to say this:

Now looks like this:

And is considerably less dusty and dirty.

Anyway, as I was moving stuff around I realised that every bit of my current-gen gaming gear was at hand, and decided to take a snap:

It's a lot less than I thought I had, to be honest. I do have a PS2 that rarely gets used and a Megadrive collecting dust somewhere. But I can't be arsed with those at the moment.

Also, nerd-esque books:

Some other bits and pieces include every loose piece of shit, and a Rubik dodecahedron.

Just thought I'd share.   read

4:53 PM on 06.05.2009

Destructoid EUFNF Recap - 05/05/09: Best One Ever

The 360 EUFNF was popular this week. Doubtless due to Gandysampras' unparalleled organisational skills.

Unfortunately my shit capture device can't capture 60Hz output so I've put together this visual guide. I understand that due to the action-packedness of the images some of your simple brains might struggle to keep up. For this reason I've added arrows to highlight the awesomeness.

Team zombie.

Team human.

The charge begins.

Deploying wicked-mad tactics.

Me winning.

Bleh.   read

8:17 AM on 06.05.2009

Of Gandysampras, PAX, Anal, and the Destructoid Community

Fellow robots. I am about to share with you details of an event that happened not an hour ago. It’s one of those moments that undoubtedly defines my thoughts and feeling about the Destructoid community, especially certain individuals. Pictures will be provided for clarity though I’m not sorry for the lack of quality. My phone camera is mediocre at best and I was understandably shaken up.

I was just enjoying (see: enduring) some team tactical on Call of Duty 4 when my dad shouts up the stairs;

“Letter for you, Gavin.”

“How queer.” I thought to myself, I’m not expecting any mail.

“It looks like it’s from one of your... ‘gaming’ friends.” My dad said, not even attempting to hide the disdain in his voice.

I take the letter. It’s one of those bubble wrap lined jiffy bags. My name is written as Gavin “HalfLeft” Allmond in some of the most childish writing I have ever seen.

I open the letter and find this:

Hrm... I’m not really sure what to make of that. But hold on. This folded piece of paper seems a little thick. Perhaps something is inside it.

There was:

You people can draw your own conclusions. The following transcript of the Destructoid IRC will shed some light on the matter.

[13:52] <halfie> gandy
[13:52] <Gandy> yes?
[13:52] <halfie> i just revieved a letter
[13:53] <halfie> recieved
[13:53] <halfie> I was wondering if you knew anything about it
[13:53] <Gandy> really halfleft?
[13:53] <Gandy> what does it say?
[13:53] <halfie> i think you know what it says
[13:53] <halfie> ahem:
[13:53] <Gandy> How would I know
[13:53] <Gandy> I cant even afford stamps
[13:54] <halfie> "dearest Gavvie, I cannot wait to meet you in Seattle in September"
[13:54] <halfie> then there is a drawing of a heart
[13:54] <halfie> where's my phone?
[13:54] <halfie> i need to document this madness
[13:54] <Shakey1245> lol
[13:54] <%The_Young_Scot> woah
[13:54] <%The_Young_Scot> that's crazy
[13:54] <%The_Young_Scot> you're gettin raped
[13:55] <halfie> jesus christ
[13:55] <halfie> contained in said letter is one durex brand latex condom
[13:56] <Gandy> Wow, sounds like someone special wants to meet you
[13:56] <Shakey1245> considerate rapist that
[13:56] <Gandy> You should probably cblog it or something
[13:56] <halfie> gandy
[13:56] <halfie> please don't refer to me as 'half left' on letter fronts
[13:56] <Gandy> I KNOW NOTHING
[13:57] <%The_Young_Scot> why is that a problem anyway?
[13:57] <halfie> i live at home with my 51 year old parents
[13:57] <halfie> online handles scare and confuse them
[13:58] <Gandy> Well, if I ever send you mail I will remember that
[13:58] <+mid3vol> LOL
[13:58] <halfie> i'm glad you're amused
[13:58] <halfie> i'm terrified
[13:58] <+mid3vol> good
[13:58] <%The_Young_Scot> hey
[13:58] <%The_Young_Scot> free condoms
[13:58] <halfie> condom
[13:59] <Gandy> AND YOU HAVE UNTIL 2012 TO USE IT
[13:59] <%The_Young_Scot> IT'S STILL FREE
[13:59] <Gandy> THAT'S PLENTY OF TIME

PS: Gandy lives in Sheffield, the letter was marked as such. Also, he's the only one that calls me that.

Should I be flattered or mortified?


And then Shakey did this:


10:55 AM on 06.02.2009

Best Thing To Happen at E3 Thus Far [video]



Short, sharp version.   read

6:40 AM on 05.20.2009


For years when people have talked about the best point-and-click adventure games people have talked about various monkey island iterations. Unfortunately they were more or less before my time. Grim Fandango I remember fondly. But it was not the first one I recall playing.

Whenever discussions like this would come up I would struggle to remember the name of the first one I played. The best way I could think to describe it was:

"A live-action guy in a cartoon world. There's some dark stuff on and you have to clean it up and make it bright and cheery again."

But I never ever remembered the name.

Then, when such a discussion game up in the #destructoid IRC, this happened:

Hit me like a fucking brick.

Because I had no idea what it was called I never had any luck googling for it. But now I can find images with ease.

My family were (and still are) fairly archaic when I was playing this game. As such I played it round my friend's dad's house. And it was good.

Hey, any game in which the main protagonists are mother fuckin' Christopher Lloyd (Doc Brown) and Dan Castellaneta (simpsons) HAS to be good. Fact.

Every so often there'll be a 'games that time forgot' post on the front page and I'll get hit with a similar feeling of nostalgia. but not like this time. I had be actively wanting to remember it for a long time and pretty much expected to be struggling with it for a longer time. I honestly thought that I was one of a few people that seemed to have played it. Then out of the blue comes Prof. Pew. Him and his LOST loving ways.

Anyway. Have any of you had a similar experience. Better yet, are you still struggling to remember a game? Perhaps we can help each other out and ease some frazzled brains.   read

8:34 AM on 05.15.2009

Building-Mounted Pixel Fun!


It takes a while for any gaming related stuff to show up, but it's awesome nonetheless.

Engadget   read

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