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Hakujinjoe avatar 9:37 PM on 05.02.2011
5 gaming bullet points: Gamer OCD

*Iíll admit it, I have gaming OCD for some things. First, I must finish every game I buy. It doesnít matter if the game is terrible or the controls are bad or if the story is boring, once started, I have to finish it eventually.

*Once I start with some kind of meta game, I canít stop. As awful as it was, I am one of those guys who went around and collected all the feathers in Assassinís Creed 2, or did all of the herb collection in Red Dead Redemption. I canít leave that stuff alone once I start. Though, in some cases, I avoid getting into these things just to circumvent the need to do them (Iím looking at you 420 Assassinís Creed flags).

*Side-quests are not optional. In RPGs, I feel like Iíve missed out on the game if I donít do all the side quests. Case in point, Iím currently grinding my way through The Last Remnant. Itís decidedly mediocre and has a lot of frustrating design choices. I could probably blow through the rest of the game in a couple of hours if I was so inclined but instead Iím grinding for levels in order to beat some ridiculous optional enemies that are part of side quests.

*I canít play a sequel without playing the original. Though really, the order isnít important. I played AC2 before AC1, I played Saints Row 2 before Saints Row 1, etc., however once I get into a series I always go back and do all the games before/after it.

*I donít really care about achievements/trophies to any real extent unless my gaming nemesis has a higher score/trophy amount than me. Overall, I generally do the achievements that I deem reasonable (for unreasonable see games like Devil May Cry 4 or Lost Planet) and end there. However, I have a friend who is my gaming nemesis. The only goal is to beat him. Itís not just achievements/trophies though. In game leaderboards also count. Beyond my rival I donít really care but insert the rival and itís OCD time.

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