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Very Japanese Games: Episode 1 Gal Gun

This is the first episode of my new gaming series ďVery Japanese GamesĒ, in which I look at games that only got releases in Japan. I realize the quality is pretty bad at the moment but hopefully, as I got along and get better...


5 gaming bullet points: Gamer OCD

† *Iíll admit it, I have gaming OCD for some things. First, I must finish every game I buy. It doesnít matter if the game is terrible or the controls are bad or if the story is boring, once started, I have to finish it eventu...


5 Gaming Bullet Points: Catherine

I recently finished my first playthrough of Catherine and I have a bit to say about it. I have a very favorable view of the game after playing it in its entirety. There arenít really many flaws as far as the game goes, which ...


5 Gaming Bullet Points: RPG Weekend

* Recently Iíve been in the mood to play some RPGs. Not just any RPGs though, JRPGs. I havenít really played any since I last played FFXII on the DS four or so years ago. So this weekend I started playing Last Remnant. It is ...


Aaamaazing: Capitol Wasteland Wonderland

ďHumans always repeat their mistakesĒ said the ominous Japanese voice which would set the tone for the start of something special. This was the start of something that led me into some figurative dark times and out of some ac...


5 Gaming Bullet Points: PSP edition

5 Gaming Bullet Points: PSP edition † Sort of branching off a thread I started yesterday, Iím going to go over some reasons why or why not to buy the PSP. Iím kind of on the fence as itís still an expensive purchase here in T...


5 Gaming Bullet Points: Inaugural Edition

† These are essentially 5 random bullet points on gaming topics. Iím hoping to do this regularly. † * I havenít really been a Nintendo fan since the SNES though I have owned every Nintendo console up until this point. Iím not...


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I'm a translator living in Tokyo.


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