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4:26 PM on 07.28.2008

That's right everyone! After a couple weeks with no poker, it's finally back! Our normal Monday poker / BS sessions are now back in full swing. If that news wasn't enough to make you do some friggin' backflips than maybe this will: Poker (High Stakes on the Vegas Strip) is on sale in the PSN Store for only $4.99. On top of that, tonights prize is as EPIC as is gets! Would you like to know what it is? Than you had better show up. (hint: it's a game) (hint#2: it comes out tomorrow)

The regulars will be there, will you? Good times will be had by all so don't be shy. Leave your PSN tag below if your interested and if you by chance aren't in any of our Dtoiders' Friend lists.

The time for PSN Poker will begin @ 10pm EST. All you gotta do is boot up your poker game (HSVS Poker), look for the poker table hosted by JamesEwing, then enter on the table. They are easy to find, just look for "any" mode of poker tables and the ones with the padlock on the side will lead the way. Password to enter is: "toid"

Good luck... you'll need it!

Now watch this completely unrelated video: (NSFW)


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