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What's up? The name is James. I'm 25 and live in Colorful Colorado. I've been on Dtoid since November 2006. I have been playing video games for as long as I can remember and will be until the day I die. I love my PS3... also, Scotch!

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3:19 AM on 11.21.2009

Once again I apologize in advance for the short ass blog. I somehow have a knack for stumbling upon the most ridiculous shit on the interwebs. Now, in all of it's 16 bit goodness, watch this EPICNESS!



Everybody and their momma needs to watch this... A 12 minute sprite based animation full of mind blowing awesomeness.

Click here to have your mind blown

I apologize in advance for the shortblog. I just felt obligated to share something this awesome with such an awesome community.


This is MOST DEFINITELY NSFW! If you have a twisted sense of humor or are a glutton for punishment, uh, enjoy!

SF IV awesomeness?

Also... HA-PUKEN!!!!

4:28 PM on 03.15.2009

CountingConflict is right...

4:26 PM on 07.28.2008

That's right everyone! After a couple weeks with no poker, it's finally back! Our normal Monday poker / BS sessions are now back in full swing. If that news wasn't enough to make you do some friggin' backflips than maybe this will: Poker (High Stakes on the Vegas Strip) is on sale in the PSN Store for only $4.99. On top of that, tonights prize is as EPIC as is gets! Would you like to know what it is? Than you had better show up. (hint: it's a game) (hint#2: it comes out tomorrow)

The regulars will be there, will you? Good times will be had by all so don't be shy. Leave your PSN tag below if your interested and if you by chance aren't in any of our Dtoiders' Friend lists.

The time for PSN Poker will begin @ 10pm EST. All you gotta do is boot up your poker game (HSVS Poker), look for the poker table hosted by JamesEwing, then enter on the table. They are easy to find, just look for "any" mode of poker tables and the ones with the padlock on the side will lead the way. Password to enter is: "toid"

Good luck... you'll need it!

Now watch this completely unrelated video: (NSFW)


It's that time of the week again. Time to throw random adult themed magazines all over the place in an attempt to confuse the hell out of the opposing team. Time to grab someone from behind, put a knife to their throat and gently whisper in their ear "do you know how I got these scars?" That's right, it's time MGO!

This post is to call forth our MGO Destructoid Clan Members who care to join us tonight for supremecy and rankings. If you still haven't joined our ranks, fret not. It's as simple as you leaving your Game Characters Name so we can add you to our friend's list or you could just log online and search for our clan and join. Again you may want to tell us what skills you're rolling with so we can get a broder picture what skills we are lacking at as a team to further augment that to our benefit.

METAL GEAR ONLINE will begin @ 10pm EST. I will be your host extraordinaire (MGO: JamesEwing). Again if your interested and want to work up your rank and your play with us from the ground up...join us. Heads up, we are only playing Team Modes such as Bases [ Domination-like Mode ] and Team Deathmatch amongst others. Also if you haven't tried the new Sneaking Matches, boy are you in for a treat. No Deathmatch or every man for himself modes here.

Again come join us and let's do this. Since we can take pictures of our exploits in multiplay, expect pics to accompany our recaps for these events as well. Here's to a really good turnout. It should be considering everybody with a PS3 should have this game. I look forward to seeing the lot of you online.

Let's show the world at large how Ninja like we really are. If for whatever reason you can't get in the clan just search for JamesEwing on Metal Gear online and then join my room.

Hope to see and roll with the lot of you online and new faces are DEFINITELY welcomed. Here's to a great turnout...see you online gents. The server will be password protected so as to be just us Dtoiders.

Password as always is: toid
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