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11:03 AM on 06.15.2013

Hey guys this is my first attempt at doing a blog so bare with me on this one.

I am about to embark on a journey back into my roots of gaming and want to talk a bit about one of the grandfathers of the industry, Nintendo.

The Wii U has been floundering since it's launch because of a extremely limited library. Everyone knows this and most, like myself, are eagerly awaiting the promise of good titles to snatch up.

The only snag Nintendo is hitting right now is the outcries of fans who are sick of the old IPs being trotted out time and time again. "We want innovation!"  "We want a new character to follow!"  "We want a new world to explore!"  All good stuff to cry out for and Nintendo should listen. As fun as Mario, Metroid, and Zelda are they really need a new name to throw into the mix. Something to spice up the Nintendo line up and get these bored gamers back into their good graces.

But it seems to me most of these people who want these new shiny games want them at the expense of the older classics. Have you never heard the old saying, "Make new friends but keep the old, one is silver and the other is gold"? I would hate to see them go down the path where Mario and Zelda sits on the sidelines while they keep churning out fresh games to chase after some vague promise of new revenue. They can do both! Right now that would be their best move in my opinion where they continue to play it safe by making new versions of the tried and true formulas but also crank out some new ideas.

To be honest I'll be shocked if they haven't already planned this out and I'm just shouting into the wind worrying about nothing. Nintendo has the safest platform in the business with almost guaranteed sales of some of their lineups so why not take a little risk here and there with untested ideas? What do they have to lose exactly? Even if it does poorly they can easily soak up the failure with a high profile release of a popular franchise. I feel like the Wii U is the perfect platform for some truly ingenious games which is why I'm going to pick one up and I would hate to see that opportunity squandered,

This is the first time I'm grabbing a system that I'm not sure about the future of and I'm willing to take that risk for the promise of cool games. As of right now, if I would take bets, I would put my money on the PS4 carrying this generation through but for once I am not going to take the safe bet. I am going to pick up the Wii U and hope Nintendo can make some bold moves of it's own.

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