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HEL105 avatar 12:05 PM on 05.31.2010  (server time)
If only wishing could make them appear...

I'm stuck in a meeting that has nothing to do with me, for the next twenty minutes, and all I have with me is my phone. So how about a list?

The recent news of a new Golden Sun game (I'm still absurdly happy over that) has made me think of other franchises that I adore and would love to see new entries in. So here are a few of my MOST WANTED.

Final Fantasy Tactics 2

Don't get me wrong, I love Tactics Advance and A2. I've spent more than 300 hours playing them, combined. But all the magical books and Seeq in the world can't compare to complex, genuinely interesting plot of the original Final Fantasy Tactics. Give me some new HD 2-D artwork and sprites, a fully orchestrated score, and another mature, political plot (hopefully better translated than the first time around), and I can't think of a single other game that I'd rather have.

Parasite Eve 3

Yes, I know that a new PE is being made for PSP, and hopefully it will be great. But none of the information I've read about it leads me to believe it will be anything like the original Parasite Eve. I still occasionally play through it, and to this day there aren't any other RPGs that I can compare it to. The weapon customization, battle system, music, and NY setting were all awesome. Even the way the game was divided up into days was cool. A new console Parasite Eve would blow my mind.   

Jade Empire 2

The first Bioware game that I ever played, and I absolutely fell in love. It would be a true shame if this fantastic world was never revisited. 

Eternal Darkness 2

Mere words cannot describe how amazing Eternal Darkness was. If not for Smash Bros. and Resident Evil 4, this would have easily been the best Gamecube game that I played. And instead of a sequel, we get a fucking Too Human trilogy. Hurray.  

Space Channel 5 Sequel

These games satsify my goofy, just-want-to-have-fun side, like few others can. This would be great for a budget title, or XBLA/PSN release. 

Panzer Dragoon Saga 2

The original was one of the games that made the Saturn worth owning. The regular Panzer games were great, but Saga was brilliant. It would be a shame for another entry to never be made.

Traditional Shining Force Sequel

SRPGs are dear to my heart, and the way the Shining Force name was whored out and destroyed during the PS2 years, was a blow that I've yet to recover from. A new DS/PSP title in the old style would be heavenly. 

Alundra 3

Was there anyone who played the original Alundra that didn't love it? Alundra took everything I loved about A Link to the Past, and spiced it up with a considerable level of difficulty. Alundra 2 abandoned the things the made the series so amazing, IMO, but a new 2-D entry with gorgeous artwork, great music, and a return to that maddening challenge, would be epic.

Lunar 3

Silver Star is easily one of the most charming and funny games that I've ever played, and it's one of the few classics that comes to my mind when I think of traditional RPGs. If you didn't love Alex and Co. by about 30 minutes into the game, you had no heart. Eternal Blue was basically a retread of the original story, but it still had its moments. Do want.

Syphon Filter 3

All Sony has to do is mention that they are developing a new console SF, and I will buy a PS3 tomorrow. I remember I got Metal Gear Solid and Syphon Filter on the same day. That is the definition of a happy kid. 

Fear Effect 3

Think what you will, but I will go to my grave with the firm belief that Fear Factor and Fear Effect 2 were two of the best Playstation games ever released. They made combat work much better than the earlier Resident Evil games, and the difficulty was perfect. I was extemely disappointed when Inferno was cancelled, a few years back.  

Champions of Norrath 3

Champions was even better than the awesome Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance. This is the kind of awesome co-op experience that I've been wanting this entire gen.

Actraiser 3

No explanation necessary. If you've played either of the first two games, you already know how amazing they were.
Honorable Mentions: SSX Sequel, Einhänder 2, Clock Tower Sequel, Breath of Fire 6, Tecmo's Deception Sequel, Illusion of Gaia 2, Vagrant Story 2, Tao Feng 2, Haunting Ground 2 (sorry, I liked it), Stella Deus 2, Wild 9 Sequel, Oddworld 2-D Sequel, Summoner 3, Rogue Galaxy 2

Does anyone agree that an announcement of one (or all) of those games would be the best thing ever? Did I leave off any obvious games that should have been included?     

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