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Hello fellow D-toider, the name's Lewis. Nice to meet you. I hail from the very hot state of Mississippi. I'm 26, and cut my gaming teeth on the Gameboy, NES, and Super NES.

I've been playing games for as long as I can remember. Even before I got my own systems, I would go over to my cousin's house as often as possible to play his stuff. I love RPG's and fighting games with a passion, but there aren't many genres that I don't play from time to time. Sports, adventure, puzzle, racing...they're all good.

I can never decide whether Chrono Trigger or Zelda: A Link to the Past is my all-time favorite game. That's a decision no one should ever have to make. My favorite game series are Final Fantasy, Metal Gear, Resident Evil, and Soul Blade/Calibur. Hours and hours and hours of my life have gone into those franchises over the years. Square Enix is my favorite company in the game business, but I try to keep my fanboyism at a tolerable level. There's nothing more annoying than a retard who thinks that their favorite company/game/console is beyond reproach. Dog-like loyalty takes very little intelligence.

I currently have a Xbox 360, 3DS, DS Lite, PSP, Wii, PS3, Saturn, SNES, and a Dreamcast. I'm a firm believer that the more consoles you have, the better off you are. My favorite systems that I've ever owned were my SNES and my PSone. I have entirely too many fond memories of days spent with those two.

My non-gaming interests include watching tons of movies (my favorite hobby), sports, reading, and lots of Community, Lost, House, M.D., Mad Men, Futurama, Fringe, Bones, Dexter, Party Down, and The Office. Yes, my taste in tv shows is indeed fantastic.

Ten more game-related facts about me:
1. FFVI (and Tactics) > IV > XII > VIII > X > XIII > IX > VII > V > III > I > II > XI
2. I wish kids today could grow up playing the same games that I did. I love Mass Effect, but it's no replacement for Super Mario World or Earthbound.
3. I don't really play games on the PC, but I hope to make that jump one day.
4. I have a one (almost 2!) year old daughter who already shows signs of loving video games.
5. I haven't met a RTS yet that I could get into, but I still think I could love the genre, given the right gateway game.
6. Silent Hill is my favorite video game movie. I love the first three games as well.
7. I want new Parasite Eve, Chrono Trigger, Jade Empire, and Breath of Fire games very badly.
8. Fancy graphics are nice, but I never let a lack of eye candy keep me from enjoying a good game.
9. I've never finished Super Metroid, but I plan to someday.
10. My very first system was a Gameboy and my first game was Cool Spot.
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The recent news about Shinji Mikami's plans to leave Platinum Games, form a new company, and possibly develop a new horror game, has reminded me of how much I used to love that genre. It seemed to really hit a high-point last-gen, but these kinds of games are now curiously scarce. 

Eternal Darkness, Parasite Eve, Fatal Frame 2, and Silent Hill 2 & 3 are some of my favorite and most memorable titles of my 16 years of gaming. There could easily be debate about whether any of these games are actually "frightening", but most horror movies aren't genuinely scary either; even the good ones. Good horror games all share a general goal of freaking the player out - a goal that I heartily approve of. It's a completely different experience from any other genre of games, and one that I've grown quite fond of during the years.

I fervently hope that Shinji succeeds in creating his vision, as there is a real lack of quality, "true" horror games right now. If he can make a good one (the pedigree would indicate yes), then he has my full support. 

It's funny, because it seems horror games should benefit more from the graphics capabilities of the 360 and PS3 more than nearly other genre, yet there are relatively few horror games of note on those consoles this gen. I Iike RE5, Dead Space, and Dead Rising, but those are all really action games, at their core. If I'm not forgetting anything, that really just leaves Silent Hill 5 (disappointing compared to the first three) and Siren, which I haven't gotten the opportunity to play. 

The Wii is doing a bit better, with the recent Silent Hill remake, Fatal Frame 4 (was that even released in the US?),  and a few other games that I can't really recall at 7 in the morning, but what happened to all the Haunting Grounds, Tecmo's Deception (maybe doesn't belong in this list, I know) Clock Towers, Dino Crisises and horror RPGs like Parasite Eve? 

Yes, The Third Birthday is eventually coming out (theoretically), but the fact that it's on PSP leads me to believe that it's going to be even more of an action affair than PE2, as early rumors suggested. A game more like the original, would be very unique, these days.

Maybe there's not much of a market for these games anymore. Game budgets have skyrocketed, and it's more of a risk than ever to release something that may not be a sure-fire hit. But I truly believe that a great new horror game would sell. least one copy. 

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