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Here I am playing Hide & Seek with a house:

A 23 year old English Geek. Currently seeking adequate time to sneak games and comics in between my schedule of grogginess and unconsciousness.

Covering some base observations here:

1) I adore reading– preferably terrible, terrible fantasy genre classics, but I have been known to deviate.
2) I have one semester left for my BA in English with a minor in Secondary Education... so yea, the joke is on me.
3) My first memorable video game was Dragon Warrior shortly followed by Zelda and Dr. Mario.
4) Food can never be spicy enough.
5) Bookstores can never been large enough, and I can never seem to spend too much time or money in one.
6) Gene Wolfe has a fantastic walrus mustache last time I checked.
7) Neil Gaiman tends to screw up anything that isn't in a short prose format. I think he does this on purpose.
8) Wonders when his MMO addiction dwindled and swapped into that of a Warcraft III: Defense of The Ancients addiction.
9) Pizza is delicious. I will eviscerate anyone who thinks different.
10) Should probably be reading/writing something instead of staring intensely at a wall... or maybe preparing for the zombie apocalypse.
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HB Draug
1:12 AM on 08.15.2009
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