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I came to gaming for the action, the excitement. Go anywhere, travel light, get in, get out, wherever there's trouble, a man alone. Now they got the online experience sectioned off, and you can't play a game without a pre-order, DLC content, and some freak telling you he's coming to your house to rape you.
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Itís tough out there.
Online is what I mean. Itís funny how much tolerance I have for hard games as long as no one else is playing against me. It comes down to trust.
The games I am willing to forge ahead despite numerous deaths or restarts seem beatable. They are fair. Honestly, if I thought they werenít, Iíd assume they were broken. And really, thereís nothing Iíve given up on because itís too hard.
But online, itís a different story. Can YourMamaPoopOnYou32 really get that head shot? Really?
Or is he cheating. Has he found some kind of weird exploit? Is he modem switching? Or swapping? Or whatever they do with modems?
I never have understood the cheating mentality. After all, itís just a game. And itís supposed to be fun.
Perhaps if HuuumongusBalz63 was like, ďDude, I am going to cheat. Or, if you give me 5 minutes and let me get the points I want off of you, Iíll go away,Ē Iíd be okay with it. After all, itís hyper important to him and he has the tech, information, and lack of self-respect to make some scoreboard his reason for existing. And heís just going to ruin my good time anyhow, so I might as well.
Of course, there are lots of people out there better than me. But thatís never bothered me as much. I have a friend who constantly woops me in C&C. I keep coming back. It can frustrating, but heís a good sport about it and I like the challenge (and the gloating when I do win).
But I would never research some cheap exploit to beat him. It wouldnít really satisfy and I am sure it would be obvious when suddenly 500 Mammoth tanks appeared on his doorstep.
Online play is difficult. Itís tough out there because there are many good players. But itís also difficult to trust an environment in which either there is-or you think there-is a lot of cheating.
My solution: Well, I could moralizing and say these people shouldnít do this. But I donít think theyíll listen. After all, G. I. Joe should have taught them that (knowing really is half the battle).
Iíd love permanent bans, but I am sure anyone with the tech knowledge to modem swizzle can figure a way around that.
So hereís my thought: embrace it. Start a modder/cheater league. Whoís got the best hardware/cheats out there? Well, bring it to this league. Itís decided there. Let them face off against each other and give them tons o points or whatever validation they are looking for. After all, thereís some extra effort to figure out how to do all this cheating. It would be like a steroid league where you pride yourself on coming up with the best chemical cocktail and having the smallest testes.
Then, the rest of us can play, say gg, and have some fun. And we can learn to trust again (so beautiful). It would make gaming less difficult.
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