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I came to gaming for the action, the excitement. Go anywhere, travel light, get in, get out, wherever there's trouble, a man alone. Now they got the online experience sectioned off, and you can't play a game without a pre-order, DLC content, and some freak telling you he's coming to your house to rape you.
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Itís a gamer weekend. For all you havenít discovered the joys of marriage (and no, I am not being sarcastic, there are a lot of joys), it has meant less gaming for me. In part, I have no complaints: gaming all the time is like, well, doing anything all the time. Romans, moderation, look it up: Itís a wise saying.
But I digress. This weekend, the wife is out of town, which means I can get in some solid gaming. It means I can really explore an RPG, crank up the Rock Band 2 while I belt out ďEye of the TigerĒ (I sing solo in my living room and I am okay with that), or play some Halo Reach into wee hours of the eve.
Of course, thereís always the appeal of the new: Maybe go out and rent something, take a chance. Nope, no, thatís a foolís route. I have good games that I love and have yet to finish at home and the last thing I need to do is take chances on some overly marketed, but shiny new game.

No doubt, there will be the tug and pull of single-player vs. mulit-player. I am a loner by nature (read the blog description), but at times social. Love the wife, but itís hard to get lost in Dragon Age when sheís asking about making lunches or some other such. So this undisturbed time is a treasure.
Yet, my friends list is made up of actual friends, people I went to college with and havenít seen in a while. They too are maturing gamers who have less time. One guy I know has a set of 1 year old twins, and a two year old. Thatís a lot oí poopy and no sleep. So if they happen to be on, I might give into the temptation.

And I canít forget certain games the wife disapproves. Sheís not a gamer, so she pretty much thinks GTA4 is the evil of evils. Itís not something Iíve tried to correct, so I have only myself to blame. And thereís stuff she hates to watch: Street Fighter or Fight Night (not Champion) is boring, thereís no story. Oblivion or Red Dead, sheíll sit there and ďworkĒ on her dissertation while she comments on the unfolding story.
So why I am I tell you all this? Donít know, just happy and felt like sharing. Whatís the payoff for you? Donít know that either. Hereís a puppy.
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