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H Tuttle
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Aamaazing: I just want to be a world-shaker

Breathe deep. Smell that? Itís the smell of an open world. That moment, sans a literal smell, is what I feel like when I am finally let free in an open world game. My first such experience that blew me away was escaping the...


Hopes and Condelences for Japan

After so many years of consuming its culture, from animation to video games to movies to more, I offer my sincerest hopes for good fortune for the Japanese at this time as its people tackle these crisis. And I also offer my condolences to people who have lost their loved ones.


Gather Your Game Time While You May

Yes! Itís a gamer weekend. For all you havenít discovered the joys of marriage (and no, I am not being sarcastic, there are a lot of joys), it has meant less gaming for me. In part, I have no complaints: gaming all the time ...


Trust Issues and Online Gaming

Itís tough out there. Online is what I mean. Itís funny how much tolerance I have for hard games as long as no one else is playing against me. It comes down to trust. The games I am willing to forge ahead despite numerous de...


About H Tuttleone of us since 8:39 AM on 03.04.2011

I came to gaming for the action, the excitement. Go anywhere, travel light, get in, get out, wherever there's trouble, a man alone. Now they got the online experience sectioned off, and you can't play a game without a pre-order, DLC content, and some freak telling you he's coming to your house to rape you.

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