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Gwyddia avatar 5:31 PM on 12.01.2008  (server time)
Weiner Review: Snoopy v. The Red Baron

If youíve been waiting for the sequel to Crimson Skies, your wait may be over. Donít be discouraged by the adorability of the title character - this is timeless dogfighting from an era long before Michael Vick.


You are World War I flying ace Snoopy, and you are flying approximately 20 missions to defeat the evil Red Baron and defend freedom. Look for mostly well-done cameos from Snoopyís owner Charlie Brown, Lucy, Linus, Sally and more. Along the way you get to collect upgrades to your flyer, like the potato gun and the Woodstock missile. The game is mostly aerial combat with a just a little Sim Flyer in the mix.


Peanuts creator Charles Schulz would be pleased with the way his most popular character has been rendered on the PC, PS2 and PSP. The game looks a lot like the holiday specials we remember from childhood, only now in 3-D! It is bold, colorful and will make you smile.


The game play is simple, but solid. Fly, barrel roll, strafe, and bomb to your heartís content. Of the three systems, the PSP version seems to be the playersí choice for the most solid controls, and thatís saying something for Sonyís red-headed stepchild of a handheld.

The difficulty is mixed, though. Some missions are so simple that youíll feel like this is a kiddie game, while others will have you tearing your hair out in frustration. It would be nice if the difficulty scaled over time, but after the first couple of missions if seems that annoyance can strike at any time.


Snoopy v. The Red Baron is is a solid air combat game and the rare licensed game that doesnít make me want to try and revoke the developersí license. Itís a nice addition to a genre that has been pretty quiet of late, and it would be neat to see a longer, slightly smoother sequel, perhaps for PSN.

For being fun and nostalgic, if somewhat uneven, Snoopy v. The Red Baron gets 4 Weiners out of 5.

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