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Gwardo Jones avatar 4:29 AM on 11.22.2013  (server time)
Brawl in the Family Creator Gets a Wii U Dev-Kit After Awkward Prank

Matthew Taranto, creator of the Nintendo-themed web comic series Brawl in the Family, has had a rough time with telemarketers lately. For months he's been receiving calls from spam numbers and it's left him a bit, let's just say, stressed.

One day, Taranto decided that he had had enough and the next telemarketer that called got a seemingly hysterical Taranto on the other line shouting,"Stop calling! I can't take it anymore!" This seemed to do the trick for a few months, but then the calls picked back up and Taranto found himself as irritated as he was months prior, deciding to once again blast the next spam caller with his faux-hysterics.

When that call came in he began shouting and raving, trying to really sell his prank. But instead of hanging up like the telemarketers had done in the past, this one stayed on the line, so Taranto dug deep and upped the ante, attempting to get that special something out that would create a performance frightening enough to get these scam artists off his back once again, and hopefully forever. Being a natural acteur, his plan worked splendidly and the caller hung up.

Out of curiosity, Taranto decided to look up the number of this most recent corrupt caller online as he had done with several telemarketer numbers up this point, but instead of finding YET another blasted spam company, he found that he had actually been screaming at none other than a Nintendo of America representative.

Now it should be noted that Taranto and his brother Michael are currently running a Kickstarter for their music-driven, endless runner-type game Tadpole Treble, with which they are hoping to launch on the Wii U, so you can imagine his dismay when he found out that he had been shouting like a madman at the company he was hoping to release a game for.

He managed to clear things up with Nintendo of America and managed to land himself a Wii U devkit, making him one of the first people in the game development industry to become a prima donna before actually releasing a game. That lucky so and so.

Thanks Reddit and Matthew Taranto

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