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Gwardo Jones's blog

4:29 AM on 11.22.2013

Brawl in the Family Creator Gets a Wii U Dev-Kit After Awkward Prank

Matthew Taranto, creator of the Nintendo-themed web comic series Brawl in the Family, has had a rough time with telemarketers lately. For months he's been receiving calls from spam numbers and it's left him a bit, let's jus...   read

4:02 PM on 11.19.2013

Adventure Time: ETDBIDK! Has New UK Trailer

The WayForward Technologies created dungeon-crawler Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I Don't Know! (good lord...someone needs to regulate this stuff) has a new trailer up for all you European gamers out there. I...   read

3:12 AM on 03.12.2009

Are Halo videos tired? Nah. This is O 2 the T.

A little something my friends, brother and I put together. Is it the greatest Halo video ever? I would like to say probably. Let me know what you think.   read

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