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GuruStarr78 avatar 7:39 AM on 05.08.2011  (server time)
Striking Nintendo Gold in the basement & more of my gaming collection (Part 3)

Just yesterday, While helping a friend of mine organize his basement, we came across this:

Hoping that we would find something inside, we opened it up; and struck Nintendo GOLD!

....and yes, this stuff was in MINT condition!! My friend stated that this was his "second" Game Boy he got as a kid, as he beat the shit out of his first one and got a second one as a result, played it a few times and stored it away for 20 years!!

As a token of his gratitude for helping him clean, he sold me Everything and even threw in a few more games we found:

Wow, so much fun. Yesterday really brought back fond memories for the both of us. Unfortunately, my buddy's not as much of a Gamer as I am any more (or fortunately, since he sold me the stuff :)

I put some double A batteries in that Game Boy and watched the Nintendo insignia drop from the "Sky"..... (the top of the game boy screen) wow, I have'nt seen that in a long time.

Oh yeah, and here's a Chiberatsu with a Sackboy Plush "Jockey", (Fuck Issun, we don't need him... BTW, would'nt that make an interesting game?!) I've never been into "stuffed animals" & these are the first I've bought, but they're cool IMHO.

Thanks again for looking guys!!

Leave comments and questions!!

As always, what fun is it if everyone can't enjoy this stuff?!!

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