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-My Blog:

-I've been a Gamer for: 32 yrs

-First Console: That pong machine that hooked up to the TV with like six games and no interchangeable cartridges. Circa 1984 in my basement in Chicago, thus the addiction began.

-Current Consoles:

-PSP 3000, DSi, PS3, XBox 360, Gameboy Advance Micro / Advance SP (Nes versions & a mario ltd edition), SNES, NES, Wii, 3DS DSi XL.... Pretty much all of 'em.

-Current Televisions:

-40 inch Toshiba LCD 1080P, 50 inch Samsung DLP 720P, 32 inch Toshiba LCD 720P

-Hometown: Chicago, IL. (I live in Lakeview, about a mile away from Wrigley Field).

-Occupation: Firefighter/Paramedic - Chicago area (12 YRS)

-Past Occupation: US Army Veteran 51M (1999 - 2007)

**Fuck Osama Bin Laden - R.I.P. (rest in piss)

-Favorite Games: Fight Night series, Castlevania (2-D series RPG style), KOTOR, Mass Effect, Fallout III, Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword on DS, Zelda series, Baseball Stars (NES), Mike Tysons Punch Out, Metroid (2-D series).

-Playing Now: Lego SW 3DS, Pilotwings 3DS, RayMan 3DS, Outland XBLA, Castlevania (every CV game that is "SOTN-Like" on the DS & Advance)

-Looking forward to: Infamous II, LA Noire, The Last Guardian, New Nintendo 3DS games.

-Dream Game: SW: The Old Republic for PS3, 3DS, 360 or PSP, or any new Metroid, Castlevania or Bioware RPG on 3DS, 360, PS3, etc, etc.....

-Favorite Food: Chicago Style Hotdogs & Italian Beef.

-Favorite outside activity: Riding my DiamondBack Drifter Cruiser bike around the city & Getting Street Passes with my 3DS.


-I love Nintendo shit & portable systems in general (they're easy to store and fun to play / look @, Regular consoles are cool too, but take up too much space, collect dust (like my PS3, ohhhhh) & everyone seems to have 'em.

-Sealed classic games. Something about 'em just screams "cool" to me. I love my original NES game collection & Atari games, always looking for more.

-Swag, the usual, not really into Anime, but I love gaming related "trinkets"!!
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This weekend I had the opportunity to check out Anime Central here in Chicago. The Cosplay was AMAZING! I also had my Nintendo 3DS ("3DeStrucoid" 3DS, as Hamza calls it) on hand and I could not keep up with all of the street passes I was getting!! Every time I opened my system, there was ten more Miis waiting to greet me. I finished every puzzle and another play through of "Find Mii" (my third) in the Mii Plaza on my 3DS, in my four hours at the convention.

I also had a few video game finds that I'll share later. For now, check out some of the Cosplay!

Billy Mays...LOL!

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New stuff is coming and going from my apt. all the time. Since I usually sell things I have multiples of on ebay and Amazon, it's kinda turning into a UPS hub here ;) I typically only sell stuff I have two or more of so I can afford to buy (and have the display space in the man-cave for) the oddities and rare peices I love so much.

My latest Haul has probably two or three of my favorite all-time pieces. The first being a Limited Edition Mario Game Boy Advance from the UK. I found this online. I've never seen one before. It's a red and gray Mario vs Donkey Kong ltd. edt. GBA. The box is pretty beat up, but the system is pretty nice, but not too nice where I won't want to even play with it, like my other Ltd. Edt. GBAs.

Next up is another one of my favorites. This thing is really fucking cool. It's a Ltd. Edt. Game Boy Advance classic from Japan. Much like the packaging from my UK GBA classic from before, except it's like a little Famicom! The Box is much smaller than my other systems, which makes it all the much cooler!

Next up is some random games I picked up recently. I managed to find two really nice copies of Metroid Prime Trilogy (one is sealed and looks like it just came out of the case). I also got a few GBA games C.I.B. in a bundle I purchased from some guy, the copy of Zelda is Sealed, but kinda beat-up... oh well, it's Zelda.

I've got three of these Game & Watch U.S. systems now, if anyones interested, I'd be willing to sell one or two of them. PM me and let me know. I also picked up this game Monster Tale yesterday at Target for 19.99... it's amazing! It's a new take on a Metroidvania Game style, look up the reviews, they're Golden.... This one is definitely going to be one of the sleeper hits of this Gen.... Go get it now, it's on Sale for the next week at Target! BTW, it's such an homage to Metroid, that if you look closely on the cover, you can see the sidekick looks like a Metroid!!

Finally, I'll leave you with last nights haul. My local Gamestop here in Chicago had the Midnight launch of L.A. Noire. Rockstar stopped by and dropped off a bunch of Swag. I actually won the T-Shirt in a raffle at the end of the night, supposedly it's a limited edition.

I'll leave it at that for now. I've come a long way with the "man-cave" as well, so I'll be showing some more pics of that and more hauls as they come in.

Thanks for looking and commenting, everyone. It really is my pleasure to be able to share this stuff with you guys. If you're ever in the Chicago area and want to hang or game, hit me up on the PM!!
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I just recently moved all my stuff into one of the bigger bedrooms here in our 3 bedroom apartment here on the North Side of Chicago (about 6 blocks from Wrigley Field). I figured I'd give you guys a look at where I'm hanging when I'm not with the wife. It's all still "under construction", so I wanted to hear from you guys what you think of it so far. It's pretty basic and some would say plain for the most part. My family has lived here in this building for over a hundred years, I love the fact that I was able to rent this place from my Dad after I got out of the service and got married (got hitched in March!) This apartment is actually the same one my mom and dad lived in when I was born back in '78, so it's fitting that my wife and I are starting our family here.

Here's where I've got the laptop set up with some nice "manly" pics I hung up (I love asian art and Dragons):

Here's some of my games that I've recently put out. It's nice to look at them, rather than having them sit in a box somewhere. I've posted most of them before, but I've also got my complete GBA classic collection with my Famicom, UK & USA version classic NES Game Boy Advances.

Here's a little bit of my Cub's memorabilia I collected. Living so close to Wrigley Field, I've been able to get alot of autographs and stuff over the years. I've also got some of my Military service medals and recognitions, along with Mr. Dtoid:

Here's some other random pics. Like I said, I really like Dragons. I've also got some pics of my gaming set-up. I keep the current gen systems in here, and the NES stays out in the living room (That's all my wife really plays outside of an occaisonal Guitar Hero or Rock Band game). I've got a 40 inch LCD TV and a Samsung surround sound system (It kicks major ass, especially for games like the new Mortal Kombat, Killzone 3 and the latest Medal of Honor) I highly recommend that anyone with a potential Man (or woman) cave get one, although it tends to almost shake the fucking foundation of this old-ass building.

LOL... I'll leave you with this till next time, here's a pic of my first "man-cave" my Army Barracks in Fairbanks, Alaska back in '02 (you just gotta love the purple walls!)

I'll just leave it at that, for now. Let me know what you guys think, I usually respond to everyone as soon as I get a chance. Thanks for looking, everyone!
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So I was at my local Gamestop today when I saw a copy of LA Noire behind the counter. The clerk told me that it was for the store manager. He let me see it and it looks really cool, as far as cover art is. It's basically what we've seen, except it's done in a metallic finish, making it look really sweet.

When I got home, I decided to look up a review since LA Noire has probably been out a few days already and anxious websites who want publicity might "accidentally" publish one. I found one and here it is:

If you want to read it, you might want to do so soon, before it gets taken down. Let me know what you guys think.

Just yesterday, While helping a friend of mine organize his basement, we came across this:

Hoping that we would find something inside, we opened it up; and struck Nintendo GOLD!

....and yes, this stuff was in MINT condition!! My friend stated that this was his "second" Game Boy he got as a kid, as he beat the shit out of his first one and got a second one as a result, played it a few times and stored it away for 20 years!!

As a token of his gratitude for helping him clean, he sold me Everything and even threw in a few more games we found:

Wow, so much fun. Yesterday really brought back fond memories for the both of us. Unfortunately, my buddy's not as much of a Gamer as I am any more (or fortunately, since he sold me the stuff :)

I put some double A batteries in that Game Boy and watched the Nintendo insignia drop from the "Sky"..... (the top of the game boy screen) wow, I have'nt seen that in a long time.

Oh yeah, and here's a Chiberatsu with a Sackboy Plush "Jockey", (Fuck Issun, we don't need him... BTW, would'nt that make an interesting game?!) I've never been into "stuffed animals" & these are the first I've bought, but they're cool IMHO.

Thanks again for looking guys!!

Leave comments and questions!!

As always, what fun is it if everyone can't enjoy this stuff?!!
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Here's some pics of my Game Boy Advance SP NES from the UK, I really love this thing, the box alone is my favorite:

More of my PSP Collection:

Here's some of my DS (Ninja Gaiden: DS FTW!) Favorites:

The start of my 3DS collection:

I got this Spider Man game recently, it's complete and I love it!

I'll leave it at that for now. It's really great to be able to share this stuff with everyone, instead of hoarding it to myself, I really appreciated all the great comments everyone left in the last post!

I'm also in the process of "building" a new man-cave (I say building, because men don't decorate.... ;)
...and I'll have pics up soon....

Please comment and FAP away!!

Thanks for looking Everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!
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