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I have been playing games since the day my aunt decided she didn't want her NES anymore (CRAZY I KNOW!) and I have been keeping up with every generation since. There isn't a game genre I write off as unplayable, but I generally stick more towards shooter and RTS style games.
And let the records state that "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time" is the best videogame in history. Fact.

Aside from video games I also enjoy Hard rock and Heavy Metal music (Led Zeppelin and Judas Priest being my favorite musical groups), and film. I have always wanted to be an actor, even if just on the side, and I have plenty of (perhaps horrid) you-tube videos to show for it ( ).

Other than that, I graduated from a community college computer program and work in IT for my local School Division. I am the digital man!
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8:26 PM on 10.15.2008

If anyone read my last blog post ( you will realize that I'm already pretty bummed out about this whole "lets NOT have offline multiplayer anymorez! LOLZ!" state of mind developers seem to be engulfed in.

Now to make matters worse....

I was at my local game shop when I noticed the new armored core game was out. BEing a large fan of the series, I got kinda excited. I was a bit leery becuase the past few in the series haven't been so hot. Then I looked at the box and it specifically claimed there would be Splitscreen co-op. HOLLY SWEETNESS! Giant custom robot split screen co-op? Did I just poo my pants? (yes). On that feature alone I decided to pick it up.

But to my dismay on trying it out, there is NO OFFLINE CO-OP! Only that danged blasted terror called ONLINE! GAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!

First they decide to take away all things cool in the world, and then they proceed to lie about it and tell me they're actually still there?

Ug. I scowered the net and discovered that this is a known issue to the community, but the developers have yet to comment. Gee, thanks guys. You just sold me your game under false pretenses.

Once I calmed down enough to play the game (BY MYSELF) I found out it was alright. Still would have been one hell of a lot better with local co-op though...

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