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GuitarAtomik avatar 6:13 PM on 04.22.2010  (server time)
Marvel Vs Capcom 3: Silhouette Speculation: CAPCOM

NOTE: This is Part 2 where I'm going to analyze Capcom's side. You can check out Part 1 with Marvel HERE.!

I'm basing all of my analysis off of these three pices of art:

What I'll call "logo silhouettes"...

Shinkiro's poster...

& the "group shot"

So two things to keep in mind.

1. It's pretty obvious the characters are split between their respective companies behind the logos.
2. All of the characters in the logo silhouettes are the same characters that appear in silhouette on Shinkiro's poster.

Now for Capcom...


Who I think it is: Felicia

Visual Cues: It's hard to tell from the low posture from the logo silhouette but you can make her out a lot more clearly from the group shot. You can clearly make out the tail, big clawed feet, and hair curl of Felicia. Shinkiro's poster clinches it with the fanged profile and tassles.

Why: Felicia has been a mainstay of the Vs games and a fan favorite. Her move set makes her unique enough to keep her around even though Morrigan is already filling up the Darkstalkers quota.


Who I think it is: Frank West

Visual Cues: The pretty normal outfit from the logo silhouette makes it kind of vague but the pose from Shinkiro's poster is completely Frank West.

Why: Frank West was in Tatsunoko Vs Capcom and was pretty popular there with his crazy ass move set. His popularity in general in the West makes him a good choice.


Who I think it is: Trish (Devil May Cry)

Visual Cues: This is personally the hardest one to figure out but there are two clues. The first is that you can clearly make out that she's wearing high heels in the logo silhouette. The other is her arm in Shinkiro's poster. You can make out that she's wearing an arm guard of some sort that is pretty close to Trish. The long hair helps the theory as well.

Why: To tell you the truth, I don't know why they'd include her. That's why this is the one choice I'm not completely confident about. Dante is already representing Devil May Cry (look below) and I can't think that her possible move set could be anything too interesting. Maybe they want her to fill in a fast, up close, hand to hand role. Not too sure.


Who I think it is: Chun Li

Visual Cues: Come on. The hair buns. The tassles coming down from them. The puffy shoulders. It's pretty obvious.

Why: Dem thighs that's why.


Who I think it is: Dante

Visual Cues: The logo silhouette has led people to speculate that this could be Wesker or Rad Spencer but that coat is too long to be Rad and based on the direction the feet are planted I think what's being mistaken as an outline for sunglasses is actually the character's ear. Plus, the Shinkiro poster clearly shows a sword hilt visually consistent with Dante's. I would have said it was a toss up between Nero and Dante at this point but the hilt of Nero's sword is completely different (Nero's is more like the handle/hand brake of a motorcycle).

Why: Because everything about Dante SCREAMS to be in a fighting game. Really, it's amazing it took them this long to put him in one. He's one of Capcom's most recognizable stars and translates extremely well in to this genre.


Other Thoughts:
One thing I've noticed that I haven't really heard anyone else mention is the darker tone of this edition. Look how much black is in the character models. Notice how the trailer happens entirely at night. Seth Killian mentioned that Chris Redfield was indicative of the kind of characters you'll see from Capcom's side and this new emphasis on story all leads me to believe that some of the goofier/kiddy/wierdly proportioned characters are going to be left out.

By this, I mean don't think we're going to see characters like Viewtiful Joe, Servbot, or Tron Bonne show up. They can't not have Mega Man, so maybe they'll use the X version but I think that's as far as they'll go. I hope I'm wrong about that route though since I don't want to see their choices limited and part of the Vs series charm was how over the top weird and crazy it can get (plus I really want to see Viewtiful Joe in this). We'll see.

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