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GuitarAtomik avatar 4:30 PM on 10.14.2010  (server time)
I KILL PXLS - "Restart Again" Music Video

AKA get ready to trip your balls off.



Directed, Animated, & Edited by Teddy Gage aka BahamutZero.

The video is about someone who dies and begins to hallucinate as the DMT is released in their body until they're brought back to the "beginning". It parallels the song which is about wanting to restart a life that's hit a dead end inspired by the time I got stuck at the last boss in Final Fantasy 8 and couldn't do anything but restart because I had gone too far to go back and grind. True story bro.

Some fun

* 200 layers and sub layers
* Over 400 saved project versions
* More than 2 million particles

Look out for the instrumental version of the album real soon too. Enjoy

psst. You can get the song/album  
You can see more of Teddy's stuff  <
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