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After seeing one of Hamza's blog posts the other day, I thought to myself "I wonder if I could remix the Jaws theme into a dance song?" and "I'm a shark! Suck my dick! would actually make for a cool vocal part" thus, this project was born. I present to you....

I'm a Shark! (Suck my Dick!): The Song/Video

All the samples are from the John Williams Jaws theme and of course the vocals are all me as well. I spent ALL weekend making this shitty video for it as well so watch it if you're not afraid to go back in the water.

You can download the full song from HERE too if you want, and feel free to DIGG it if you like it.


The Original Singing Shark comic by Crun: http://www.hockeyzombie.com/comic/2007/02/20/
Thanks to the Gametrailers' Animated Gif threads for 90% of the source stuff.

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